Warzone 2 Assault on Vondel event: Dates, challenges, rewards, more

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Warzone 2 Vondel mapActivision

Warzone 2 players can now explore the brand-new Vondel map with Season 4’s arrival. To celebrate the new medium-sized map, players can participate in the Assault on Vondel event, so here’s everything you need to know about its dates, rewards, and more.

Warzone 2 Season 4 has arrived, delivering plenty of new content for players to explore. While the three new weapons and new DMZ content are sure to garner interest, the brand-new Vondel map has been the headline addition.

Vondel has arrived in its full glory, and players have the option to tackle its Resurgence mode or visit it in DMZ. However, that’s not all, as the devs decided to deliver the Assault on Vondel event to celebrate the debuting map.

During the Warzone 2 Assault on Vondel event, players will get the chance to unlock new items for the entire community by completing challenges, as well as picking up some personal rewards.

Here’s everything you need to know about Warzone 2‘s Assault on Vondel event including the end date, challenges, rewards, and more.

Warzone 2 Assault on Vondel event end date

The Assault on Vondel event will see the new map undergo various changes.

The Assault on Vondel event started on June 14, Season 4’s launch date, and will wrap up on July 7.

The Season 4 blog confirms that the new Operator Nikto has taken over Vondel, and it’s your job to liberate it: “This deep-cover agent is taking over Vondel with his cloaked army of mercenaries; as an Operator, your mission is to fight back against Nikto’s clandestine army and reclaim the city in the Assault on Vondel Launch Event.”

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Players now have the chance to earn medals for personal unlock rewards by completing challenges. In addition, completed challenges will also contribute to large-scale community rewards.

At the moment we don’t have any information concerning the Warzone 2 Assault on Vondel event challenges, but take a look below at some of the rewards up for grabs.

Warzone 2 Assault on Vondel Community Challenge rewards

Tonfa melee weapon MW2 Warzone 2Activision
The new Tonfa melee weapon is among the rewards for the Assault on Vondel event.

As Warzone 2 players work to collect medals by completing Assault on Vondel challenges, they’ll unlock community rewards along the way. These rewards can arrive in the form of new features that you’ll discover on the Vondel map.

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Here are all of the rewards the community will unlock together:

  • Taxi Boat and Trams
  • Reinforcement Flare
  • Favorite Supply Box
  • New Melee Weapon – Tonfa 

The Tonfa Melee Weapon is the final reward to be unlocked, so you might need to wait a while before getting your hands on it.

The Taxicab reward is set to bring accessible autonomous boats to Vondel. You’ll get the chance to utilize these auto-piloted boats to move around the new map.

Meanwhile, the Favorite Supply Box will grant the player access to their favorite weapons. Warzone players will be familiar with this new equipment as it was previously named the Personal Supply Box.

Check out our guide on the Reinforcement Flare Field Upgrade that allows one squadmate at random an opportunity to redeploy to Vondel.

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How to get medals in Assault on Vondel Warzone 2 event


To earn medals in Warzone 2’s Assault on Vondel event, players must complete challenges in some of the named POIs, and complete some more general challenges in Modern Warfare 2.

Here are all of the challenges to get medals and XP:

  • Graveyard
    • Find the Detonator at Graveyard
    • Complete a Contract started at Graveyard
    • Kill 10 enemy soldiers at Graveyard
  • Castle
    • Find the Detonator at Castle
    • Open 10 Containers at Castle
    • Kill 3 enemy Operators at Castle
  • University
    • Find the Detonator at University
    • Complete a Contract started at University
    • Open 10 Containers at University
  • Market
    • Find the Detonator at Market
    • Open 10 Containers at Market
    • Kill 3 enemy Operators at Market
  • City Hall
    • Find the Detonator at City Hall
    • Complete a Contract started at City Hall
    • Kill 10 enemy soldiers at City Hall
  • Mall
    • Find the Detonator at Mall
    • Open 10 Containers at Mall
    • Kill 3 enemy Operators at Mall
  • Central Station
    • Find the Detonator at Central Station
    • Complete a Contract started at Central Station
    • Kill 3 enemy Operators at Central Station
  • Museums
    • Find the Detonator at Museums
    • Complete a Contract started at Museums
    • Kill 3 enemy Operators at Museums
  • Stadium
    • Find the Detonator at Stadium
    • Open 10 Containers at Stadium
    • Kill 10 enemy soldiers at Stadium
  • Zoo
    • Find the Detonator at Zoo
    • Open 10 Containers at Zoo
    • Kill 10 enemy soldiers at Zoo
  • Logistics
    • Win 5 matches of Hardpoint
    • Confirm 70 kills in Kill Confirmed
    • Get 25 Assault kills
  • Operations
    • Win 5 matches of Search and Destroy
    • Capture 25 Points in Domination
    • Get 25 Defender kills
  • Intelligence
    • Win 5 matches of Headquarters
    • Get 3 kills without dying 15 times in Team Deathmatch
    • Get 15 High Value Target kills in Bounty
  • Recurring challenges
    • Place 5th or higher in any Warzone match
    • Get 15 kills in a winning multiplayer match

Warzone 2 Assault on Vondel rewards

Warzone 2 Assault on Vondel rewardsActivision

While the rewards above are given to the whole community, these rewards are given to Warzone 2 players for acquiring medals throughout the event.

  • Foul Play Loading Screen
  • The Shallows Vehicle Skin
  • Good to be King Emblem
  • Seadog X12 Blueprint (MW2-owners only)
  • Trishula Signal 50 Blueprint
  • Deep Sea Danger Large Decal (MW2-owners only)
  • Splatter Tactics Camo
  • Breath in the Soul Weapon Sticker (MW2-owners only)
  • Randy the Ribbiter Large Decal
  • Electrifying Finishing Move
  • Alpha Brigade Aksel Skin
  • Train Car Camo
  • Orders Incoming Loading Screen
  • Col. Squeaks Charm (MW2-owners only)

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