Players desperate for “fun and fresh” Nakatomi Plaza to stay in Warzone Season 3

Andrew Highton
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Nakatomi Plaza has helped to reinvigorate Warzone Season 3 with players really enjoying the new POI. But CoD fans want the location to remain for some time and have even come up with a solution to combat the Vault’s vast wealth for tournaments.

Anyone who’s been fortunate enough to drop into a game of Warzone has probably had their fair share of games where they’ve just stayed at Nakatomi Plaza for as long as possible. Not only does it boast numerous, varied floors full of excellent combat spots, but its verticality and depth make for a fun game mode in itself.

This sentiment is being echoed by a large portion of the Call of Duty community who want the POI to remain for as long as possible.

The patrolling gunship is a testing dynamic obstacle that can cause problems, and it also has several fun side missions to complete that can lead you to the elusive Nakatomi Plaza Vault full of, quite frankly, ridiculously good rewards and goodies – including the Specialist Perk.

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Not only that, but even popular streamer Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV, AKA Dr Disrespect, has declared his liking for Nakatomi Plaza.

The recognition for Nakatomi comes from a Reddit thread titled – “A thread for the appreciation of the Nakatomi Plaza.”

The original poster said, “Honestly, I’ve been playing this game since release, and it’s been a long time since I felt like the game was fun and fresh. Let’s hope it stays in the game!”

Nakatomi Plaza’s high risk-reward factor has been a huge success for players with glyxph_ saying, “Unfortunately it’ll be gone. It’s so high-risk high reward and I love it. It’s much better than the old tower that was there as it did nothing but provide campers a sniping spot that only has 2 entrances. I wish it would stay.”

One bone of contention is with the game’s treasure trove tucked away in Nakatomi’s Vault, which could ruin tournaments. But a commenter came up with a simple solution to combat this: “They can just modify the Vault loot when the event ends, make it a few orange boxes or nothing special at all like the previously locked VIP rooms in Stadium.”

The plaudits continued in the thread with someone going as far as to say, “Sadly it’s probably only temporary, and gonna revert back to the old tower once the event is over. I’d be glad if they did keep it though, it’s such a good POI with so much about it.”

Reception for Nakatomi Plaza has undoubtedly been positive and has added some spice to Warzone Season 3. Activision has said it will be a limited stay for the building, but hopefully, that could change given its popularity.

Image Credits: Activision / Raven Software

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