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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Dr Disrespect explains why he loves Nakatomi Plaza in Warzone Season 3

Dr Disrespect spent an entire session landing at Nakatomi Plaza in Warzone Season 3, and explained why its layout is great.



cod warzone dr disrespect nakatomi

Nakatomi Plaza is one of Warzone Season 3’s newest POIs, and Dr Disrespect spent an entire session landing at it and explained why he rates it highly.

Despite Verdansk ’84 undergoing massive changes at the beginning of Season 3 by moving back in time and adding in new points of interest, adding in Nakatomi plaza is arguably the biggest change in Warzone history.

As well as the 80s Action Heroes Event adding in John McClane and Rambo as buyable skins, Raven Software also went one step further and added Nakatomi Plaza to the Downtown area.

It’s proven to be a very popular spot, and Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV, AKA Dr Disrespect, decided he wanted to check out the location in more detail.

cod warzone nakatomi plaza

He first commended Nakatomi Plaza as he was fully exploring the building’s underground car park, of which there are two floors to explore: “I like the layout a lot.”

Dr Disrespect also appreciated the multiple avenues in and out of the car park to get ascend the building, and even end up back outside: “That’s cool, that’s a cool design.”

After a quick 1v1 with an enemy on the roof that he wins, he said, “I love this layout man. The concept is…” and he couldn’t even get his words out because he was just feeling it.

All the locations seen in the film do appear in the game’s recreation of Nakatomi, with Dr Disrespect saying that it’s “relatively” accurate to the movie.

The curious detail to note is that he had absolutely nothing bad to say about Nakatomi Plaza. It’s no secret that he’s had issues with multiple facets of the game: Solos, trucks, and the audio.

But he’s a big fan of Nakatomi Plaza, and is another person who believes that it needs to stick around and not be removed anytime soon.

Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software