Notable Warzone cheat provider to offer troublesome free hacks

Luca Di Marzo
Warzone Operators deploying

Unfortunately for Warzone fans, infamous cheat provider EngineOwning have plans to offer completely free hacks to players.

News of CoD cheat providers have diminished since RICOCHET’s successful attempt to eliminate hackers from Warzone. In addition to RICOCHET, Activision also filed a lawsuit against cheat provider EngineOwning back in January.

It seems like EngineOwning are making headlines again after they revealed plans to offer free hacks. Whether this move will lead to an increase in Warzone cheaters or yet another lawsuit from Activision remains to be seen.

Warzone Verdansk Prison POI

This latest development from EngineOwning can be viewed as an act of aggression toward RICOCHET. So far, the anti-cheat has been praised for punishing cheaters in creative ways while not eliminating them altogether.

It seems the cheat providers are refusing to back down following Activision’s lawsuit. Instead, they are heading in the opposite direction as they look to make cheats more accessible to players.

This is a worrisome development for Warzone players as the concern of a potential influx of cheaters begins to mount. Not only does EngineOwning’s blog post report that they’d be offering free cheats but they also state that their new technology has been designed to bypass RICOCHET.

There’s no telling if these claims are accurate but their statement is a troublesome one. Warzone players could take comfort in knowing that the free cheats are a “watered down” version of their premium offer.

Of course, any type of cheat can be detrimental to the state of Warzone and RICOCHET may face its toughest test yet if players flock to this free offer.

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