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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone cheat provider shuts down in anticipation of Activision lawsuit

After EngineOwning was hit with an Activision lawsuit, cheat providers are starting to shut down in fear of legal action.



Activision lawsuit warzone cheat

After news of Activision’s lawsuit against known Warzone cheat website EngineOwning spread, other cheat providers are quickly shutting down in fear of legal action.

Activision is going to great lengths to prevent cheaters from prospering in Call of Duty. Not only has the company developed an anti-cheat that has successfully banned thousands of players but they are now pressing cheat providers with lawsuits.

Recently, Activision filed a lawsuit against notorious CoD cheat provider EngineOwning. It seems news of the lawsuit is causing a chain reaction that is resulting in cheat providers taking down websites in fear of facing their own lawsuit.

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It’s no surprise that cheat providers are cowering in fear due to how costly these lawsuits can prove to be. After all, in certain cases Activision is claiming that cheat providers have caused “millions of dollars” in damages.

In this case, the cheat provider is known as Cynical Software and their announcement comes just one day after the news of Activision’s initial lawsuit against EngineOwning went public.

As you can see above, Cynical Software quickly let its users know that they’d be terminating support for all Call of Duty-related cheats.

If RICOCHET anti-cheat was the first domino to fall then Activision’s legal action is the second. This two-pronged method aims to eliminate cheating both on the player level and at the source.

It’s safe to expect more and more cheat providers to close up shop in the coming weeks as they crumble under the pressure of a potential lawsuit. Hopefully, these actions from Activision will make Warzone a cheat-free experience.

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Image Credits: Activision / Raven Software