NICKMERCS on why he isn’t worried about DMR nerf not being strong enough in Warzone

Andrew Highton

After endless complaints about the DMR being overpowered in Warzone, it was finally nerfed several days ago. However, the update hasn’t negatively impacted the DMR like people had hoped it would, but NICKMERCS isn’t worried about how weak the nerf is.

It seems you can’t have a conversation about Call of Duty‘s Warzone mode without those three letters creeping their way into the discussion – DMR. The Tactical Rifle has become the go-to weapon of choice for just about anyone that wants to win a game of Battle Royale.

But its abundance of firepower and accuracy with next-to-no negatives to compensate this has left a sour taste in the Warzone community. The recent nerf of the DMR – and several other key weapons – was supposed to restore some order and readjust the balance.

But the nerf hasn’t been that effective and people are still abusing the DMR at will. Although people are being very vocal about the state of the weapon and the game, leading CoD personality NICKMERCS isn’t too worried about it.

NICKMERCS not worried about Warzone’s DMR nerf

As one of the beneficiaries of the DMR’s overpowered qualities, NICKMERCS has been quite vocal about his displeasure of the gun saying that “DMRzone is getting crazy, we’re sick of it, I’m sick of it, nobody wants to do it anymore, it hurts, it’s pain, we’re done.”

Whilst he does choose to use it and get kills, he can pretty much get wins with any gun that he wants. Every player in the lobby using the same gun naturally gets repetitive and makes for predictable and boring games of Warzone.

But NICKMERCS is more positive about the situation saying “here’s the good news, when a gun takes over Warzone and it gets a nerf, and it doesn’t do much, history shows another nerf is coming and this one is 100% into the ground.”

Clearly not concerned with the DMR’s current state of affairs, he believes that the DMR’s second nerf could well be the end for the gun as a META, even going as far as to say “this video is like saying goodbye to the DMR.” He says that he’s done with the gun and wants to move onto something else.

The Diamattis and the MAC-10 have also received nerfs in the recent update, meaning that the door could be open for either an old favorite to return or perhaps a new one to become the king.

In any case, the reception to the DMR nerf has been heard loud and clear as the Warzone devs have even managed to respond to complaints. Another nerf will probably be here before you know it and the DMR will be relegated to nothing more than a memento of what once was.

Image credits: Activision Blizzard, NICKMERCS