New Warzone Rebirth Reinforced glitch is letting players get under the island

Hamza Khalid
Mac-10 in Warzone Rebirth Reinforced

A bizarre new Warzone Pacific glitch has been discovered that allows players to hide beneath the surface of the Rebirth Reinforced map and take out their enemies above.

Warzone Pacific’s Season 2 Reloaded update brought a massive map overhaul called Rebirth Reinforced which features a ton of changes, including the arrival of Weapon Trade Stations and new POIs.

However, players have also noticed some problems with Rebirth Reinforced since its arrival, including a strange glitch that lets them get underneath the surface of the map and take out enemies from below.

Stronghold POI in Warzone Rebirth Island Reinforced

Reddit user ‘Itonicj’ highlighted this glitch in a clip posted to the CoD Warzone subreddit. It showcased the player using the glitch to get under the map and take out an enemy before they had a chance to react.

The Redditor mentioned that they had managed to do this 3 times and then called for the developers to patch this glitch up before other players also find out how to exploit it in Rebirth Reinforced.

Being able to get under the map gives you an unfair advantage as enemies cannot see your movements and counter your attack until it’s too late. However, Itonicj confirmed that this glitch also prevents you from using your weapon, so it won’t be useful during long-range combat.

While the Redditor knows how to perform this exploit, they did not share the technique so we might not need to worry about this becoming a widespread issue. However, it still makes matches unfair since there’s no way to counter it.

These types of glitches can cause games to become unbalanced by giving certain players a competitive edge over their opponents, so we hope that Raven Software will patch it up in a new update soon.

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Image Credit: Raven Software

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