“Broken” Warzone attachment makes the Welgun SMG a long-range monster

Matt Porter
Welgun in Vanguard

Warzone players are always hunting for new loadouts and attachments to create overpowered weapons. This time, CoD expert TrueGameData has discovered a “broken” attachment that is making the Welgun the best SMG at long range.

Warzone Season 2 Reloaded is here, and players have been loving the updated Rebirth Island map. Smaller than Caldera, Rebirth Island encourages close-quarters combat, and SMGs are the perfect weapon to hunt for wins.

The Welgun first arrived in Warzone back in Season 1, introduced as part of the mid-season update. Since then, the SMG has been a popular pick among players, although it hasn’t dominated the meta entirely.

That could all change though, with TrueGameData’s discovery that makes the Welgun a viable option at longer distances.

Welgun in CoD: Warzone

In a video uploaded on March 26, TrueGameData explains that a glitch with the 7.62 Gorkeno 48 Round Mags is affecting its damage drop-off.

When you fire a gun, especially an SMG, the damage you deal is affected by how close you are to your target. Up close, you’ll deal maximum damage. Hit a target far away though, and damage drop-off will make your rounds weaker.

This doesn’t appear to be the case with the Welgun though, as this attachment means its damage output remains stable even at longer distances. TGD says it outperforms any TTK expected of an SMG at medium range, making it a “very good sniper support.”

It’s worth noting that this attachment won’t make it the undisputed best Warzone SMG at close range, and you’re likely to still get outgunned by MP40s and PPSH-41s.

Still, its high rate of fire makes it formidable at short distances, and with this attachment, you’ll also be able to deal major damage when your enemy is further away.

If SMGs aren’t your thing though, make sure to check out our guide to the best guns in Warzone to pick out your next weapon.

Image Credits: Raven Software

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