Surprise Warzone Melee weapon is taking over Rebirth Island

Max Candelarezi
Tonfa melee weapon Warzone

Since the Season 3 Reloaded update, one Melee weapon in particular has taken over Warzone Rebirth Island, with many players reporting that the weapon needs a nerf.

Throughout Warzone‘s history, Melee metas have consistently appeared within the game. It’s their impressive damage and mobility, despite their small size, that makes them hated among many players.

Despite the patch notes not including any buff for MW2‘s Tonfa after Season 3 Reloaded, its era of dominance has arrived on Rebirth Island.

What makes the Tonfa so popular and powerful is not only the ability to get kills quickly, but mainly the “game-breaking” aim lock you get when using it, as some players mentioned in the Warzone subreddit. This allows you to take down enemies without having your aim drift away from the enemy.

Despite the MW3 and Warzone Season 2 melee nerf, which reduced melee lunge distance by 30%, the Tonfa seems to not have been affected as much. It remains a very popular weapon in Warzone, that doesn’t require players to be as close as other weapons to get Melee kills.

Below JaysWASD’s video on X, players shared their frustration with the OP Tonfa, “The amount of times yesterday someone beat me with those sticks on rebirth. I’m traumatized!” a player shared.

Another player recalled the most hated Melee metas in the original iteration of the game, “Reminds me of the kalli sticks for MW2019, a memory I do not miss.”

Despite a player stating that the devs usually “check what’s going on and apply modifications” when they notice a “strange high pick rate of a certain weapon,” this seems to not be the case, as the Tonfa takes over Rebirth Island.

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