MW2 & Warzone 2 Operator leaks reveal possible Season 6 collaborations

Max Candelarezi
Skeletor, Spawn and Alucard Warzone MW2Mattel/Todd McFarlane/Kōta Hirano/Activision

Following the MW2 and Warzone 2 Season 5 Reloaded update, leaked files have revealed that several licensed characters including Masters of the Universe’s Skeletor or Hellsing’s Alucard could arrive as Operators during Season 6.

Season 5 Reloaded has been released for both Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2, bringing a massive amount of content to both titles, including new weaponry like the 9mm Daemon, Lachmann Shroud, and the Pickaxe, new modes, camo challenges, and more.

As is often the case with significant updates, leaks have once again surfaced suggesting the potential arrival of several popular characters as Operators in both Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 in future seasons.

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MW2 & Warzone 2 expected Season 6 collab Operators leaked

Following the Season 5 Reloaded update, dataminer Task Force Leakers has shared that several licensed Operators could be involved in future collaborations in MW2 and Warzone 2 Season 6.

Since the first iteration of Warzone, followed by its integrations with Black Ops Cold War and Vanguard, Call of Duty has provided a variety of collaborations with licensed characters, several Hip hop celebrities, and popular athletes, among others.

Skeletor (Masters of the Universe)

Among the characters that have been leaked, one particularly notable figure is Skeletor, a supervillain and the primary antagonist from the Masters of the Universe franchise. Skeletor was brought to life by the toy distributor Mattel and has gained significant recognition.

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Master of the Universe SkeletorMattel
Skeletor is He-Man’s nemesis in the Masters of the Universe franchise.

Alucard (Hellsing)

Another surprising leaked character is Alucard, a fictional character and the protagonist of the Hellsing manga and anime series created by Kouta Hirano.

Previously, Call of Duty have also collaborated with the manga series Attack on Titan, bringing the characters Levi Ackerman and the Armored Titan as Operators during Vanguard’s cycle.

Alucard HellsingKōta Hirano
Alucard is the premier agent of the Hellsing Organization, being its most powerful warrior.


Another character that has been leaked is Spawn, a fictional anti-hero created by Todd McFarlane. Spawn first made his appearance in a comic bearing his name and continues to be a prominent figure in a monthly comic series published by Image Comics.

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Interestingly, McFarlane Toys, a company owned by Spawn’s creator, have previously collaborated with Call of Duty to create action figures based on some of the franchise’s iconic characters like Richtofen, Frank Woods, Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley, and more.

Spawn Image ComicsImage Comics
Spawn is a Hellspawn sent to Earth to deliver evil souls to Hell.

WW2 Captain Price (Call of Duty 2)

Veteran players of the CoD franchise will undoubtedly recognize Call of Duty 2’s Captain Price. This iconic character could make a comeback with a fresh appearance.

This iteration of Price marks his second chronological appearance in the franchise as a British soldier who fought during World War II. His previous appearance was in the original Call of Duty title, where he was depicted as a member of the 6th Airborne Division and SAS operator.

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The modern iteration of Captain Price, who debuted with Modern Warfare 2019 and has persisted through the ongoing Modern Warfare 2, is making a comeback in Modern Warfare 3‘s campaign this year, continuing his extensive journey.

Captain Price Call of Duty 2 WW2Activision
Captain Price has appeared throughout the majority of Call of Duty games.

Although the licensed characters aren’t related to MW2 and Warzone’s plot, it could be interesting to see the combination of characters within matches for both games.

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