JGOD explains why Warzone players enjoy Rebirth Island more than Verdansk

Joseph Pascoulis
Warzone Logo on Rebirth Island

JGOD’s latest video goes into the details of why players seem to enjoy Rebirth Island more than the default Verdansk mode in Warzone.

Warzone will be changing drastically soon, not only because of the new weapons and changes coming to Verdansk in the Season 6 update but also because we’re edging closer to the release and integration of Vanguard.

With that being said, we know Verdansk will be destroyed, and a new map will be introduced, but do people care more about Rebirth Island?

JGOD’s latest video explains why Warzone players may enjoy Rebirth Island more than Verdansk.

Verdansk 84 stadium

Rebirth Island has been in Warzone for some time now, offering players a faster-pace version of the battle royale, which many players enjoy.

Not only do the matches go faster, with more opportunities for players to stay in the game through the “Resurgence” aspect of the mode, but the map also provokes hectic and fun gameplay.

In JGOD’s recent YouTube video, he explains why the majority of players seem to enjoy Rebirth Island over Verdansk, as his recent poll on Twitter suggested.

Essentially, the argument is that Rebirth Island is much more casual-friendly than Verdansk and has shorter matches.

The fast-paced matches and ability to respawn after dying allow casual players to try their loadouts, level up weapons and have a much more fun experience than Verdansk. This is most likely the reason it is currently dominating the game-mode popularity in Warzone Season 5.

It will be interesting to see what happens to Rebirth Island once the Vanguard Integration comes around, as Verdansk will be replaced by a new map, so it would not be too surprising to see Rebirth Island be replaced by a Vanguard-themed map as well.

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