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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Viral Warzone TikTok shows new “no recoil” FOV hack

A viral Warzone TikTok has showed how a new wave of hacks is giving players 400 FOV, taking away all weapon recoil.



Warzone players fighting in farmland

It’s a well-known fact that having a high FOV in Warzone gives far less visual recoil, but one player has taken it to the extreme by using hacks to achieve “400 FOV” in a viral Warzone TikTok.

The advantages that Warzone PC players have over the console player base have been well-documented. They can fine-tune the best settings to get optimal performance, and even apply filters to brighten up the map and help with visibility. But one of the most useful, and requested by console players, is a field of view (FOV) slider.

This slider allows players to increase how much information the screen displays, which is especially useful for spotting players off to the side. But it also has one extra advantage in that it severely reduces visual recoil.

A TikTok user has taken this to the extreme, getting rid of all weapon recoil after somehow cranking the game up to “400 FOV.”

Warzone FOV comparison

In this viral TikTok, we can see that Fateh had an incredibly high FOV which allowed them to see a ton of information. When they shot, the XM4 had zero recoil as they melted a full team with laser accuracy.

The XM4’s recoil isn’t anything too crazy, but it’s never been referred to as a “zero recoil” weapon, like the Grau, FARA 83, and Krig 6.

Of course, the XM4’s recoil isn’t actually eliminated. The shrunk-down 400 FOV only gives the appearance of no recoil but it is much easier to control than a console’s 80 FOV.


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♬ original sound – Fateh

After they took down the full squad, one defeated player claimed, “oh, he’s hacking, that’s a report.” And while it’s not one of the wildest hacks out there such as aimbot, wallhacks, or bouncing bullets off the ground, it is cheating.

Warzone allows PC players to crank their FOV up to 120, and the claimed 400 is well beyond what Infinity Ward and Raven Software intend for players. Fateh has likely manipulated the game files or installed a new cheat to apply this wild FOV.

Call of Duty: Vanguard will arrive with an FOV slider for consoles, so fans are hoping that it will also arrive with the extensive Warzone integration and new map.

Image Credit: Activision