How to open Black Sites in Warzone 2 & earn free Weapon Blueprint reward

warzone 2 player at stronghold

Warzone 2’s Strongholds and Black Sites feature high-tier loot and loadouts so are well worth visiting. Here’s how to get a Black Site Key, open the Black Site, and claim the free Blueprint reward.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 introduced a ton of new mechanics to differentiate it from the original and while many were reversed in the Season 2 update, the AI-infested Strongholds and Black Sites have remained in Al Mazrah.

Black Sites are tougher, more rewarding areas that can set you up for the game ahead. Here’s how to get a Black Site Key to open and clear Black Sites, and how to earn the free Weapon Blueprint reward in Warzone 2.

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What are Black Sites in Warzone 2?

Black Sites are areas in Warzone 2’s Al Mazrah that are more dangerous than a Stronghold, giving players who clear them out even more valuable in-game items such as the Redeploy Pack and their loadout.

They contain stronger AI that will look to take you out at all costs, making them high-risk but high-reward endeavors.

How to get Black Site Key in Warzone 2

Getting your hands on a Black Site Key in Warzone 2 requires you to be the first to defeat all of the AI in a Stronghold and defuse the bomb.

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Completing a Stronghold grants the Black Site Key which is used to open one of these more dangerous areas. If you arrive at a Stronghold after another team has cleared it out then you won’t be able to get a Black Site key, but you’ll be able to grab some loot and your loadout.

How to open Black Sites in Warzone 2

Stronghold in Warzone 2

Simply, use the Black Site key that you obtained from the Stronghold and open the Black Site like you would a normal Stronghold building in Warzone 2. Once you’ve picked up the Black Site Key, the Black Site will be marked on the map.

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Once you arrive, expect to contend with some high-tier AI as well as real players who are looking to grab your plunder once you leave the Black Site. Not only that, but a Juggernaut is likely to step into your path as well.

Free Weapon Blueprint reward with Warzone 2 Black Sites

Successfully clearing a Black Site by eliminating all of the AI will reward Warzone 2 players with an exclusive Weapon Blueprint – the Phantom’s Call Vaznev-9k loadout.

Plenty of other free Blueprint rewards were up for grabs in the original Warzone, and we expect even more to incorporate into the game as the seasons go on.

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