How to open Black Sites in Warzone 2 & earn free Weapon Blueprint reward

Liam Mackay
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Black Sites are special locations in Warzone 2 that contain high-quality loot and loadouts. They are worth exploring if you want to get an edge over your enemies. Here’s how to get a Black Site Key, open the Black Site, and claim the free Blueprint reward.

Warzone 2 added many new features to make it different from the original game. However, some of them were removed in the Season 2 update. The only ones that stayed in Al Mazrah and are still present in Season 5 are the Strongholds and Black Sites, which are filled with AI enemies.

Black Sites are challenging and lucrative areas that can give you an advantage in the game. To access and clear them, you need a Black Site Key, which you can get by completing certain tasks. Here’s how to get a Black Site Key to open and clear Black Sites, and how to earn the free Weapon Blueprint reward in Warzone 2.

What are Black Sites in Warzone 2?

Black Sites are areas in Warzone 2’s Al Mazrah that are more dangerous than a Stronghold, giving players who clear them out even more valuable in-game items.

They contain stronger AI that will look to take you out at all costs, making them high-risk but high-reward endeavors.

How to get Black Site Key in Warzone 2

Getting your hands on a Black Site Key in Warzone 2 requires you to be the first to defeat all of the AI in a Stronghold and defuse the bomb.

Completing a Stronghold grants the Black Site Key which is used to open one of these more dangerous areas. If you arrive at a Stronghold after another team has cleared it out then you won’t be able to get a Black Site key, but you’ll be able to grab some loot and your loadout.

How to open Black Sites in Warzone 2

Stronghold in Warzone 2
Black Sites are exclusive to Battle Royale and cannot be found in DMZ.

Simply, use the Black Site key that you obtained from the Stronghold and open the Black Site like you would a normal Stronghold building in Warzone 2. Once you’ve picked up the Black Site Key, the Black Site will be marked on the map.

Once you arrive, expect to contend with some high-tier AI as well as real players who are looking to grab your plunder once you leave the Black Site. Not only that, but a Juggernaut is likely to step into your path as well.

Free Weapon Blueprint and other rewards with Warzone 2 Black Sites

To get the exclusive Weapon Blueprint – the Phantom’s Call Vaznev-9k, you have to clear a Black Site by killing all of the AI. However, only the player who delivers the final blow to the juggernaut will receive the reward.

Here are some of the other rewards you can get for clearing a Black Site in Warzone 2:

  • Advanced UAV
  • Armor & Munitions Boxes
  • Durable Gas Mask
  • Large Backpacks
  • Minigun
  • Multiple Killstreaks
  • Self-Revive Kit or Revive Pistol

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