What are AQ Soldier Kills in Warzone 2?

Liam Mackay
aq soldier in warzone 2 and dmz

Warzone 2’s Scoreboard features everything you’d expect including Score, Kills, and Damage, but there’s a new tab for AQ Soldier Kills. Here’s what an AQ Soldier Kill is in Warzone 2 and how to get them.

Warzone 2 has finally arrived, bringing a major evolution of Infinity Ward’s battle royale. With the brand-new Al Mazrah map to learn and find the best landing spots for, as well as brand-new mechanics such as Interrogation, looting, and Assimilation, there’s a lot for players to take in.

One change that’s confusing players is the AQ Soldier Kills tab in Warzone 2’s scoreboard, so here’s what an AQ Soldier is and how to kill them.

Warzone 2 AQ Soldier Kills explained

Warzone 2 Scoreboard with AQ Solider Kill

The Warzone 2 AQ Soldier Kill count refers to how many AI enemies you’ve killed throughout a match. AQ Soldiers are the AI enemies found throughout Al Mazrah, and Warzone 2 keeps a count of how many you’ve eliminated.

AQ stands for Al-Qatala, the terrorist organization that serves as the antagonist in both Modern Warfare 2019 and Modern Warfare 2’s campaigns. Their soldiers can be found all around matches of DMZ, but can only be found defending Strongholds or Black Sites in Warzone 2.

Expect to have a ton of AQ Soldier kills at the end of a DMZ match, but you’ll only get them if you’re taking on the dangerous Strongholds and Black Sites in Warzone 2. Doing so will be worthwhile, as you can get your loadout and a free Weapon Blueprint reward to keep.

So Warzone 2 will differentiate between the other players and AI soldiers you’ve killed, giving you stats for both.

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Image Credit: Activision