How to kill a Commander in DMZ: Warzone 2 Commanding Intel guide

Liam Mackay
juggernaut in modern warfare 2

Warzone 2’s DMZ tasks players with killing a Commander to complete the Commanding Intel Faction Mission, so here are all of the Commanders and how to kill them.

Warzone 2’s DMZ mode has plenty of Missions for players to complete, offering a ton of XP, cosmetic rewards, and more Insured Weapon slots. These missions task players with entering Strongholds, finding keys, spending cash, and more.

Commanding Intel is a Tier 3 Legion Faction Mission, tasking players with acquiring and completing a Secure Intel contract, as well as killing a Commander. You’ll get the Observers Emblem and 10,000 XP for completing Commanding Intel, so here’s what a Commander is and how to kill one.

What is a Commander in Warzone 2 DMZ?

A Commander in Warzone 2‘s DMZ mode is one of the bosses around the map, specifically the Chemist, Juggernaut, or Helicopter Commander.

These AI enemies will have increased health and deadly weapons, so you’ll need a ton of firepower to take them down. Be sure to grab the M13B Assault Rifle after killing the Chemist, too.

How to kill a Commander in Warzone 2 DMZ

warzone 2 dmz map with commander locations

Before you set out to kill a Commander in Warzone 2’s DMZ mode, you’ll first have to find them. Here’s where each Commander can be found:

  • Chemist: Inside the circle marked by a radioactive symbol
  • Juggernaut: Inside the circle marked by a weapon cache (box with a question mark)
  • Helicopter Commander: Flying around Al Mazrah, marked by a Ghost symbol

You’ll no longer be able to run over the Chemist and Juggernaut as the areas have a DDOS active, so we recommend making sure you’re behind cover before trying to take them on. Using an LMG with a large magazine such as the RAAL MG or Sakin MG38 will be ideal, and you can also hit them with Semtex for a quick burst of high damage.

To take out the Helicopter Commander, make sure you’re not out in the open and have a couple of Munition Boxes at the ready because the chopper has a ton of health. An LMG will be ideal again.

Simply fill the Commanders with enough bullets or explosives and you’ll eliminate them, progressing the Commanding Intel Mission.

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Image Credit: Activision