Warzone 2 player shows genius Proximity Chat trick for easiest DMZ kill ever

Liam Mackay
Warzone 2 player in Hydroelectric

A clever Warzone 2 DMZ player has found the perfect way to trick enemies by playing the game’s revive audio through the microphone, baiting unsuspecting players into pushing.

For the first time ever, Call of Duty includes Proximity Chat in Warzone 2 and DMZ. While useful for teaming up with other players, some have been using Proximity Chat in more inventive ways.

There are hundreds of clips where players pretend to be friendly with betrayal in mind, but a new Proximity Chat trick might be one of the most devious plays yet. A DMZ player showed how playing the revive noise can completely fool nearby foes, baiting them into pushing for what they believe to be an easy kill.

After a member of their squad was down, the Reddit user XappaBeefheart used a soundboard to play the revive noise through Proximity Chat.

The unsuspecting Warzone 2 players heard the noise and decided to push, but fell into a deadly trap instead. As they rounded the corner expecting to catch them in the revive animation, they were the ones caught completely unaware.

Not every player will be able to perform this trick to such great effect because they used a soundboard, but using your phone to play the noise through your mic could also work.

Players in the comments were both impressed and appalled at the play, with drdewd calling it “the smartest thing I’ve seen on the subreddit so far,” and saying they’ll be stealing the idea.

“I’m conflicted by this tactic,” said another player, but most felt it was fair game. While some said the move could be considered cheating, others simply called it a clever tactic.

If you prefer to leave Proximity Chat on, then a direct counter would be to watch out for the microphone symbol popping up but it might be hard to notice in the heat of battle.

As Warzone 2 rolls on with Season 2 up next, remember that not everything is as it seems.

Image Credit: Activision

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