Incredible Warzone 2 interactive map has everything you need to dominate DMZ

Hafid Port in Warzone 2

Knowing where to find Hidden Caches, Strongholds, and player spawns is key to success in Warzone 2 and DMZ, and this incredible interactive map of Al Mazrah has everything you need.

Warzone 2 has evolved Call of Duty’s battle royale beyond simply dropping in, buying a loadout, and fighting to be the last man standing. The extraction-based DMZ mode includes a ton of different objectives and things to find, and Warzone now includes AI-controlled Strongholds.

Knowing where to find all of these things is incredibly useful, especially when taking on DMZ’s missions. Luckily, a Warzone 2 player has put together a detailed interactive map that tells you where to find everything you need.

By heading to the Interactive Tactical Map website, you can see everything you need to prepare for a game of Warzone 2 or DMZ. The interactive map has a toggle for where DMZ keys can be used, all of the Dead Drop locations, Strongholds, safes, and more.

The key locations even tell you the DMZ missions you’ll need to use them for, allowing you to easily plan ahead before loading in. You can also search the location you need to find, making things quick and easy.

One of the most useful features is the location of all the player spawns for DMZ. You can use the map to memorize (or simply check) where nearby players could have spawned, allowing you to anticipate their movements or avoid them entirely.

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Plus, for the Warzone 2 players, it has the location of almost every Hidden Cache. You can use these to get some cash and high-tier loot quickly, or land at a cluster to make a regain after coming back from the Gulag later in the game.

Simply use the toggle feature at the left side of the page to select what you want to see, and you’ll be able to find everything you need for a match of Warzone 2 or DMZ.

You can also check out the rumors of a new Resurgence map arriving in Season 2, and how it might come to DMZ as well.

Image Credit: Activision