Dr Disrespect slams Warzone’s RICOCHET anti-cheat: “They lied to us”

Liam Mackay
Dr Disrespect and Warzone kingsley operator

Warzone’s highly-anticipated RICOCHET anti-cheat has finally arrived, but top streamer Dr Disrespect claims Activision “lied to us” about the new anti-cheat, believing they never built a new system after all.

Cheating has been a major issue in Call of Duty: Warzone since its inception. Its free-to-play model allows cheaters to keep creating account after account, and even though Activision has banned at least 850,000 accounts, they haven’t been stamped out for good.

Warzone Pacific brought RICOCHET anti-cheat, kernel-level software that’s been built specifically for Warzone. However, these hackers are still slipping through the cracks, even mocking Raven with their in-game names, and popular streamer Dr Disrespect has had enough.

After getting taken out by cheaters in Caldera, the Two-Time claims that Activision has lied about RICOCHET.

ricochet anti-cheat warzone

Players were delighted with RICOCHET anti-cheat’s initial success, but harsh critic Dr Disrespect wasn’t as impressed. While no anti-cheat is 100% effective, Doc believes that RICOCHET has been falsely advertised.

After getting beamed out of the air by an obvious cheater, Dr Disrespect claimed “They lied to us.”

“RICOCHET f**king sucks,” Doc continued. “Get rid of the company, it’s not working. Let’s work with a new solution – right now. You’re going to have to figure out something for this engine.”

Doc doesn’t even believe that Activision developed a new anti-cheat system. “They didn’t build new tech for this game,” he theorized. “All they did was put together like a 20 person crew, a team if you will, and called them Team RICOCHET. They’re just doing the same thing, just manually deleting.”

While Doc’s review of RICOCHET is scathing, there is evidence that the new anti-cheat measures have been working. Hackers have taken to forums begging for a second chance and Activision has finally filed a lawsuit against popular cheat provider EngineOwning, leading to another seller closing shop in anticipation of the same treatment.

Dr Disrespect is currently developing his own multiplayer game, so you can check out what his battle royale could look like.

Image Credit: Activision / Dr Disrespect

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