Dr Disrespect says he’s “over” Warzone: “It is time for Battlefield 6!”

Liam Mackay
Dr disrespect over Warzone

After a frustrating Warzone session, top streamer Dr Disrespect said he’s “over” Warzone and needs to find another game ahead of Battlefield 6, or else he’ll take a break from streaming.

Dr Disrespect has certainly had his ups and downs in Warzone. Although initially loving Verdansk ’84, he has since led the charge against BR Solo’s Big Bertha meta and recently called for a “total rebuild” of Warzone.

The Doc’s frustration with Warzone appears to have peaked, with him saying that he needs to take a break from the Call of Duty battle royale because he’s “over everything in Warzone right now,” but agreed that it’s time for Battlefield 6.

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Warzone nakatomi plaza

While chasing a 20 kill Solo win, Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV, who plays the character of Dr Disrespect,became increasingly frustrated with Warzone. After further complaining about broken audio, his Operator refusing to Tac Sprint, and getting stuck while trying to jump out of a window, Dr Disrespect rage quit the game.

Before he quit to desktop, he said that he needs to find a new game to stream soon. “We gotta figure out some new games. Like, we really actually have to take that seriously. Or, I’m not going to stream, I will take a break if needed.”

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“I’m over everything in Warzone right now,” Dr Disrespect explained. “These limited-time modes, the meta changes… I’m telling you, the only thing saving this game for the past week, two weeks, is [Nakatomi] Tower. It’s really the only thing.”

Although the Big Bertha meta is over, Dr Disrespect appears to agree with NICKMERCS that Solos is the worst mode. “It’s still the first circle with one minute left and there are only 55 players left in Solos,” Doc complained of the pacing. “Great, great, great design,” he said sarcastically.

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After one of his viewers said, “It is time for Battlefield 6!” Doc completely agreed. He has previously explained why he’s so excited for a Battlefield battle royale and believes it could emulate Warzone’s success.

Battlefield 2021 is finally being revealed on June 9, so hopefully, DICE’s new blockbuster shooter will reignite the Doc’s passion for streaming.

Image Credit: Dr Disrespect / Activision