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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

NICKMERCS reveals his pick for Warzone’s worst mode

Top Warzone streamer NICKMERCS has revealed his pick for the game’s worst mode, explaining why you’ll never see him play it.



NICKMERCS worst Warzone game mode

Although Nick “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff is one of Warzone’s most popular streamers, there’s one game mode he doesn’t play, and he’s dubbed it “the worst mode in Warzone.”

Warzone Solos is known to be the most difficult Warzone game mode. With no teammates to help or buy you back, many players resort to camping in buildings and driving around in Big Bertha trucks to bring home the win.

After Dr Disrespect and the Warzone community at large begged Raven Software to remove the trucks, the dev team severely reduced their spawns in BR Solos. However, this change hasn’t been enough for NICKMERCS, who has dubbed Solos as Warzone’s worst mode.

Warzone solos

NICKMERCS explained that he’s happy to go off by himself in squad matches, but never drops into Warzone’s BR solos, and there’s “reasons for that.”

“I think it’s the worst mode in Warzone,” NICKMERCS explained. “It’s slow-paced, everybody’s camping, everybody’s Ghosted, no action.”

“But I gotta say, ever since Specialist, it’s a little more bearable. Now I know when I’m getting aimed at from a guy who’s Ghosted in the corner sitting by a trashcan because he’s a piece of trash.”

Solos is a much more tactical, slow-paced experience that doesn’t suit the likes of NICKMERCS who fly around the map chasing kills the whole game. As Nick explained mid-match, Solos is fun when you’re driving around taking fight after fight, but it only takes one building camper to end the match.

Throughout the whole match, NICKMERCS called the mode “trash” and complained that Solo players camp in buildings the whole time. After Nick was out of the game, he said to his chat that “Solos is just unbearable, huh?”

After his experience playing BR Solos, it’s unlikely NICKMERCS will continue to play the game mode on stream.

Image Credit: NICKMERCS / Activision