Dr Disrespect explains why ziplines are ruining Warzone

Liam Mackay
Dr Disrespect angry at ziplines

Streamer Dr Disrespect recently went on an extended rant about ziplines in Call of Duty: Warzone, explaining how the delay to disconnect from them makes them useless.

Ziplines were added in Warzone Season 5 in a bid to counter rooftop campers. There was previously only one or two ways up onto these roofs, making them extremely easy to defend for teams sitting at the top. Ziplines make traversing Verdansk quicker and easier, allowing you to reach the top of buildings without climbing 30 flights of stairs or finding an elevator.

However, as a recent rant by Dr Disrespect describes, the lengthy delay to disconnect from the line while at the top makes ziplines even riskier than facing the enemy head-on.

Call of Duty Warzone ziplines

In the clip which prompted the rant, Dr Disrespect sees an enemy on the roof of the Superstore POI after popping a UAV. While armed to the teeth with his loadout, Doc uses the zipline to push the player.

The player was waiting for Doc at the top, and killed him with a pistol while he helplessly waited to disconnect from it. While using that zipline may not have been the smartest play here, it does highlight a significant issue.

Before repeatedly calling the zipline design “childish,” Dr Disrespect described how the lengthy animation “allows people to stay up at the top of buildings and not get threatened all the time.”

Clip starts at 5:48

This delay at the top of the zipline gives those watching a free kill, making it impossible to zip up while a team’s at the top, and even if you don’t know if anybody’s up there, it still doesn’t feel worth the risk. On top of the delay, there’s no way to jump off the zipline and pull your parachute, meaning you just have to wait for your inevitable death.

ZLaner, who Doc was playing with, gave a suggestion to improve the zipline experience. “You should be able to have the gun on your hip and at least hipfire, at the minimum, at the top of the zipline.”

With Activision preparing for a large-scale event that could take Warzone to the Ural Mountains, it’s unlikely that ziplines will be adjusted any time soon.

Image Credit: Dr Disrespect / Activision