Dr Disrespect claims “stupid” self-revives are ruining Warzone 2

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone 2 dr disrespect self revive

Dr Disrespect is sick of self-revives in Warzone 2, feeling as if they are ruining the game and making it “no fun.”

Dr Disrespect isn’t exactly the biggest fan of Warzone 2, as it seems the streamer has complaints about the battle royale every time he plays. The Doc hoped the Season 1 Reloaded update would bring big changes to the game, but unfortunately, his frustrations continue.

This time, the 2x Champion has aired his feelings towards the nature of self-revives in Warzone 2, raging after dying to a player who uses a self-revive, claiming that they are ruining the game.

During a stream with ZLaner, Dr Disrespect was the last alive in a Duos match when he engaged in a fight with another team. The Doc efficiently takes both of them down, even fully eliminating one who tries to self-revive.

Unfortunately, the streamer did not anticipate the other teammate who he downed also having a self-revive, allowing them to get up and eliminate Dr Disrespect while he was looting.

This led to a classic Dr Disrespect rage, in which he calls self-revives in Warzone 2 “stupid” after believing he had eliminated a squad.

The streamer goes on to say that “there’s just too many f*ckin’ stupid a** self revives dude I get confused…the game’s so f*ckin’ stupid.”

The Doc explains that the amount of self-revives in Warzone 2 ultimately makes the game “no fun.” Dr Disrespect says it’s confusing, explaining that the kill feed is showing knocked players, but the self-revive item ultimately makes that obsolete, “I don’t what the f*ck’s going on, I don’t!”

The 2x Champion then says that he doesn’t want people to be able to self revive: “I don’t want to pay attention to all that sh*t man, I don’t want people to self revive right next to me and not hear them, boring!”

Dr Disrespect ends his rage by saying that there are “so many stupid cheesy a** things in this game.” Clearly, the Doc isn’t satisfied with the state of the game and hasn’t been for some time now.

With Warzone 2 Season 2 on the horizon, the Doc will hope that the devs can bring changes that satisfy the streamer.

Image Credits: Activision

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