Crazy Warzone Season 2 glitch is turning players invisible again

Andrew Highton
cod warzone season2 glitch invisibility

Warzone Season 2 players are still being left frustrated once again as invisibility appears to have returned and is causing players to die without ever knowing someone was there.

UPDATE: Raven Software has confirmed on their Trello board that they are working to fix the new invisibility glitch issue in Warzone. The helicopter variant has been removed.

Original Story:

It seems to be a recurring theme that CoD: Warzone suffers from wall glitches, Stim Glitches, and invisibility glitches. They come, they pass, they return. There has already been enough controversy centered on Warzone’s ninja-like Roze skin as it doesn’t make players invisible but makes them much harder to spot.

But Roze is far more manageable than not being able to see someone altogether. A Reddit video from last week is worrying because it shows not one, but three separate instances of invisibility happening. Now, a week later, and the issue is still prevalent in the game with a new video showcasing its potential to ruin end-game scenarios.

cod warzone battle royale

A game of Warzone is difficult enough because of worrying about the skill level of your lobby, impending gas, and circles. It definitely doesn’t help when your opponents are also becoming invisible as well.

So for players like fcpl it can become exhausting when your killcam is repeatedly showing you being killed by someone that you could never see, and therefore never had a chance of killing in the first place.

In fcpl’s video, they clearly encountered three scenarios in which they didn’t fire a single bullet as they had no obvious evidence that anyone was there.

There doesn’t seem to be any special skin causing this abnormality or any glitch being exploited. It’s just people hiding and getting the jump on their opponent as thousands of Warzone players do usually.

It also doesn’t seem to be the first time this happened to the player either as they commented below the video saying, “Twice yesterday I thought I checked a spot and yet I got killed by a player sitting in the corner. Unfortunately, I had the recording turned off. Today this was the first game of plunder and I managed to record it.”

Despite the video evidence as the importance of the issue, it seems like the problem still hasn’t been fixed as yet more footage has exposed the issue.

Twitch streamer its_iron posted a clip from one of his live streams showing a devastating end to one of his games of Warzone. He and his teammate are well in control of the final, shifting circle until they start being shot.

They quickly realize it’s a case of the invisibility bug, and the player is on the rock. The confusion and ensuing frantic search for the player results in its_iron being downed and killed and the team losing the game.

It’s very alarming that the Warzone Season 2 Reloaded update has been available for a few days now, and this game breaking issue is still plaguing the game.

On the plus side, find out how many Warzone accounts have been banned for cheating and/or hacking.

Image credits: Activision

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