Crazy Warzone cheat lets hackers instantly crash your game

Andrew Highton
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100 Thieves Warzone player Tommey was the subject of a new cheat that allows players to crash your lobby after joining your party in CoD: Warzone.

Raven is always working hard to address glitches and cheats, but the launch of Season 4 has brought a number of issues to light, including the new ground hack that kills players without aiming, lighting issues, and a game-breaking RC-XD glitch.

This Warzone cheat arguably supersedes them all though, as it prevents players from even getting the chance to enter a match. Elite Warzone player Tommey found this out the hard way when his lobby was invaded by an unwanted player who crashed his game.

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Tommey posted the shocking video of his encounter to Twitter, captioned, “You can now (or maybe even have been able to for a while?) force a dev error on another player.”

Initially, Tommey had posted a Tweet that a user had joined his lobby and gave him a dev error. To confirm these suspicions, he rejoined the same user to see if this was indeed the case.

In the 33-second clip, we saw the player in Tommey’s lobby, and their name was populated with dozens of X’s filling the screen.

The hacker said to Tommey, “Oh right, do you have any questions that you want answering for Warzone?” Tommey hastily replied with a swift “no,” not giving the hacker the satisfaction.

Not taking kindly to this, the mystery player suddenly went silent, and then Tommey’s screen completely froze.

Tommey cited this as a dev error, and several other commenters complained of having the exact same issue happen to them.

“I’ve been telling my friends for a while that I have experiences when I come up against certain opponents…the game randomly slows down, freezes, and locks up. At this point, I think this game is completely chalked. And I think the dev’s know it too.”

The only thing we can recommend at this point is to ensure that you make your parties invite-only to avoid having a cheat invade and crash your lobby.

Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software

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