Warzone 2 train glitch is instantly killing players for no reason

train in cod warzone 2 al mazrah map

Trains are up to no good in Warzone 2 at the moment as another glitch has been killing players and causing games to go off the rails.

Outside of widespread crashes and connection issues, Warzone 2 hasn’t experienced too many major technical issues since launch, but a couple of hitches have cropped up as of late.

Warzone 2’s DMZ mode is currently being subjected to an infinite money glitch making the CoD extraction-shooter fanbase very rich, and Ultimate Perks haven’t been working as intended, although they are now.

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Weirder still, Warzone 2’s train that circulates around the map is a good hotspot for early-game loot and narrow fights but it has suddenly gained some bugs. At first, it was giving players invincibility, but now it’s doing the opposite and killing them without warning.

When you board Al Mazrah’s train, you may be inadvertently buying yourself a one-way ticket to the Gulag. Reddit user xPureHavoc warned players of the train’s current tendency to want to kill players for trying to hop off it.

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In their gameplay footage, the user showed them trying to climb up a box before heading onto the roof of the train, only, they never made it to the roof.

In an unexplainable series of events, the second the animation concluded of the player mantling the box, they were suddenly warped beneath the train which unsurprisingly ran them over and killed them.

The replies to the video were predictably savage with one user saying: “We need a mega thread of all the bugs in the game. It will be a sight to behold,” and someone else sarcastically commenting: “You spelled feature wrong.”

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With some of the bugs happening in Warzone 2 at present, we imagine that the devs have a lot on their plate, so this one might be in Warzone 2 for a little bit longer.

Players have also been frustrated with the state of the M13 in Call of Duty, and a recent update making suppressors “useless” is sure to cause a stir in Warzone 2.

Image Credit: Activision