CoD: Warzone Season 3’s Train Station glitch is killing players instantly

Andrew Highton
cod warzone train station

Some Warzone players have reported dying in Warzone Season 3’s updated Verdansk ’84 map thanks to a glitch that makes them fall through the map.

Unless you’ve ever played a battle royale game before, it’s hard to describe to someone how tense the opening couple of minutes are. The frantic panic of landing near other players, the foot race to see who can pick up a good gun first, and just trying to survive.

What you don’t need is a game-breaking bug that allows you to unexpectedly plummet through the map to the infinite abyss below it. That is currently the case for uninformed players dropping in on the top of Train Station in Warzone Season 3.

CoD Warzone Season 3 gameplay

It’s understandable that the new map could cause one or two problems given how new it is, but its list of issues in the first week alone is growing at an alarming rate.

ryzen115 was the unfortunate player that was subjected to the harsh realities of its most recent glitch. The player made their way to the top of Train Station to make use of its excellent aerial advantage.

They were running around the roof just making sure that the roof was devoid of any other player presence, and then they headed to the southeast corner of the roof.

They walked straight onto one particular spot of Train Station and aimed down their sight to spy any potential challengers. What they didn’t expect was to inexplicably fall through an invisible hole in the roof, exit the map, before predictably succumbing to an early death.

This adds to the recent troubles the map has faced with players being able to go under Stadium, go under Airport, and invisible buildings that are randomly destroying helicopters.

Verdansk ’84 is a fun twist on the old version of the map, but players will have to adjust to the slightly erratic nature of it whilst it is presumably checked for more holes.

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Image credits: Activision