CoD leaker claims Warzone Pacific loadout change to revert in Season 2

Luca Di Marzo
loadout drop warzone season 2

It seems as though Warzone players might be getting exactly what they’ve been asking for as a renowned CoD leaker suggests the Pacific loadout drop system could revert to its original form.

When Warzone Pacific brought players from Verdansk to Caldera, the changes to loadout drops were not received well. Players lost the ability to purchase a loadout drop before the free loadout drop became available to the entire lobby during the second circle.

This change slowed down the pace of the battle royale dramatically and forced players to use floor loot weapons during their early engagements. After countless fan complaints and calls to revert this unwanted change, it seems that their wish might be granted with the arrival of Season 2.

Loadout drop in Verdansk

The loadout drop change is a massive reason why certain CoD personalities and streamers such as NICKMERCS have stopped playing Warzone. If CoD leaker TheGhostofHope is right on the mark, we may see popular content creators return to the game.

The renowned leaker shared information on the process of reverting the loadout drop change, but it looks like this won’t be a widespread change across all playlists.

Warzone players who opt for Regular BR, regardless of party size, will be able to purchase loadout drops before the first free loadout drops for all players. Meanwhile, Vanguard Royale players will still have to wait before calling in their loadout drop. The good news is that the delay will at least be shortened, with the wait time expected to be cut in half.

Whether the devs will eventually revert the change across all playlists remains to be seen, but for the moment this will likely divide the player base when it comes to a preference between Vanguard Royale and Regular BR.

Of course, this information will not be confirmed until Warzone Pacific Season 2 arrives on February 14, when we’ll find out if these possible changes will cause opinions on the new map to change.

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Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software