How to get Warzone Rebirth Island Keycards: Locations & rewards

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Warzone Rebirth Island Keycards

Warzone Rebirth Island has returned along with the Keycards allowing players to get their hands on a ton of rewards including free Loadout Drops. Here’s how to get Rebirth Island’s Forgotten, Vikhor & Perseus Keycards, and all the rewards.

Rebirth Island is back in Warzone Season 3 bringing all of its iconic POIs, as well as new and returning features like the Keycards which offer players exclusive access to lockboxes containing top-tier rewards.

So, here’s where to find the Forgotten, Vikhor, and Perseus Keycards, and where to bring them to get all the rewards.

Warzone Rebirth Island Forgotten Keycard location & rewards

Forgotten Keycard location Warzone Rebirth Island
The Forgotten Keycard remains in the same place as the first iteration of the Easter egg.

Warzone’s Forgotten Keycard can be found in the basement showers of Rebirth Island’s Bioweapons POI. Just head down the stairs and interact with the shower by pressing ‘Turn on.’ Once that’s done, cash will fall out of the showerhead, followed by the Forgotten Keycard.

Bringing the Forgotten Keycard to its lockbox in Stronghold you’ll get a Loadout Drop, several Perk Packages, and a Munitions Box.

Warzone Rebirth Island Vikhor’s Keycard location & rewards

Vikhor's Keycard location Warzone Rebirth Island
The Vikhor Keycard is the easiest Keycard to get in Rebirth Island.

The Vikhor’s Keycard will be found on a shelf inside Gradma’s House building right next to the Prison POI.

Bringing the Vikhor Keycard to its lockbox in Stronghold will grant you Gas Masks, a big pile of cash, and an Advanced UAV.

Warzone Rebirth Island Perseus Keycard location & rewards

Perseus Keycard location Warzone Rebirth Island
The Perseus Keycard is the easiest Keycard to get.

The Perseus Keycard is located on a shelf inside the small building between the Factory and Living Quarters POIs.

Taking the Perseus Keycard to its lockbox in Stronghold will grant you a Loadout Drop, Gas Masks, and a ton of cash.

Where to bring Rebirth Island Keycards in Warzone Rebirth Island

Keycard redeem location Warzone Rebirth Island
The vault room will have one lockbox for each Rebirth Island Keycard.

To redeem any of the Rebirth Island’s Keycards in Warzone, you’ll need to head to Stronghold’s tower (marked in the image above) and deposit the Keycards within the vault room. The room will have a different lockbox that you can open with each Rebirth Island Keycards.

There you have it, those were all the locations of the Rebirth Island Keycards, including the Forgotten, Vikhor, and Perseus.

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