Best Modern Warfare 2 weapons to unlock & level up for Warzone 2

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Prioritizing these Modern Warfare 2 weapons and leveling them up before the launch of Warzone 2 will save you a ton of time and allow you to take over the battle royale sequel on day one.

With Warzone 2’s November 16 release date fast approaching, players will be eager to discover which Modern Warfare 2 weapons are best for the battle royale experience.

As with any new Call of Duty experience, players will race to level up the meta weapons in order to gain a competitive advantage. Falling behind is not an option for those looking to stack up Warzone 2 battle royale victories from the get-go.

Modern Warfare 2 delivered a ton of new weapons for players to discover and thanks to Warzone expert TrueGameData, you can find out which weapons you should level up in Modern Warfare 2 ahead of Warzone 2’s launch.

Best Modern Warfare 2 weapons to level up ahead of Warzone 2

Players who logged countless hours into the original Warzone will know that the meta weapons in the battle royale setting do not always correspond to the meta weapons in Call of Duty’s multiplayer experience.

Top Modern Warfare 2 weapons are judged with different criteria when it comes to Warzone 2, so here are the ones you need to focus on leveling up according to TrueGameData.

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Best short-range MW2 weapons to level up before Warzone 2

  • Fennec 45 – SMG
  • Lachmann Sub – SMG
  • Vaznev-9k – SMG

The best close-range weapons in Warzone 2 highlight SMGs with blistering quick TTKs and ADS speeds. Accuracy is not as important when it comes to fighting up close, which makes the Fennec 45, Lachmann Sub, and Vaznev-9k the ideal MW2 weapons to level up.

TrueGameData explains that the Fennec 45 was the SMG that stood out the most ahead of Warzone 2: “The one that stands out the most to me is the Fennec because it has the most range.”

Best long-range MW2 weapons to level up before Warzone 2

  • Kastov 762 – Assault Rifle
  • Lachmann 556 – Assault Rifle
  • TAQ-56 – Assault Rifle
  • RPK – LMG
  • EBR-14 – Marksman Rifle

Given how large Al Mazrah is and the open nature of the environment, TrueGameData believes that prioritizing accuracy above all else is the key to discovering the best long-range weapons in Warzone 2. “It’s usually the most important thing, even more important than time-to-kill,” he explained.

The Lachmann 556, TAQ-56, and EBR-14 are steady options that will make hitting long-range targets as simple as possible. If you’re confident in your ability to tame a slightly greater recoil kick, then the RPK and Kastov 762 pack more of a punch. Keep in mind that the RPK is going to offer less mobility than the other top options above.

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Image Credit: Activision

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