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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

How to play Warzone 2 third-person mode

For the first time in Warzone’s history, players will be able to enjoy the Call of Duty battle royale in third-person for Warzone 2.



warzone 2 operator hanging out of car window

Warzone 2 players can enjoy the battle royale in the classic first-person perspective, or for the first time, in a third-person, over-the-shoulder view.

Modern Warfare 2 has brought a lot of innovation to the Call of Duty franchise, which also influences Warzone 2 thanks to their close integration.

Things like the new Gunsmith and Weapon Tuning system are set to make a big impact in Warzone 2, as well as a new way to progress through the Battle Pass and a brand-new Backpack looting system.

Players are able to enjoy Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer in the third-person perspective, as there is a playlist available for those who enjoy an over-the-shoulder view. That said, the mode is also available in Warzone 2, so for those interested, here’s everything you need to know.

warzone 2 third-person mode

Is there a third-person mode in Warzone 2?

Yes, Warzone 2 received a third-person mode in its first season. The exact date of its release was November 16 to coincide with Warzone 2’s launch.

This arrived after the Call of Duty blog confirmed, “Third-Person Playlists will be introduced into the Battle Royale weekly rotation during Season 01.”

Throughout Season 1 of Warzone 2, a third-person playlist will be accessible to players as it makes its way to the active playlist.

How to play third-person mode in Warzone 2

Players can select the third-person playlist and ready up to play the Warzone 2 third-person mode just like any other Warzone game mode.

  1. Launch Warzone 2
  2. Head to the ‘Play’ tab of the menu
  3. Find the ‘Battle Royale’ section
  4. Navigate to the right until you find a 3rd person BR mode

At the moment, the active third-person playlist available is called 3rd Person BR – Trios.

Further, by the looks of it, the third-person mode in Warzone 2 will come in different forms, While it’s currently a Trios playlist, we could see it function as a Solos, Duos, Quads, or maybe even other Warzone LTM playlist in the future.

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Image Credits: Activision