Aydan’s crazy Warzone wallbang spot will help you win your Gulag

Hamza Khalid
Aydan in Warzone's Gulag

Call of Duty: Warzone’s miniaturized Nuketown Gulag has received its fair share of criticism from fans, but top player Aydan has discovered a wallbang spot that you can use to eliminate a spawn campers.

Warzone’s “new” Gulag is a smaller version of Nuketown that still faces criticism from fans, even after removing the controversial bug giving players an unfair advantage. Despite this, Aydan ‘Aydan’ Conrad is still experimenting within it.

He’s one of the top players in the battle royale, and can often be seen dominating Warzone tournaments. Now, he’s discovered a new wallbang spot that you can take advantage of when playing in the Gulag.

Nuketown Gulag in Warzone

Aydan has been trying out different tactic in the new Gulag between events. He’s determined to find a way to master the area, and he made an interesting discovery during one of these experiments.

He came across a wild spot that you can effectively wallbang to take out a camping opponent. The player landed a shot at this opponent, and was left bewildered about how he managed to do that.

Aydan’s Snapshot Grenade helped him find his foe, who was mulling around their spawn in the corner. He then took the opportunity to line up his shot while aiming at a broken wooden door. Once he fired, something surprising happened.

The shot banged through the door and eliminated the camping enemy. This came as a surprise to both Aydan and his followers, as they weren’t aware that you could wallbang through the Gulag’s wooden structures.

The top player then shared another clip showcasing this same tactic in a more familiar wallbanging spot.


The wallbanging spot in the first clip is a new discovery for Warzone fans. This has led to speculation about other potential structures in the Gulag that can be shot through, which haven’t been found yet.

This can be a useful tactic to try out the next time you want to camp your spawn, or if you suspect your opponent is camping their spawn. Just aim your crosshairs at the structure, and then fire a shot through a door.

So, be sure to try experimenting the next time you drop into this Gulag, and see what cool discoveries you could make in Warzone!

Image Credits: Activision

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