Vanguard players claim new Season 2 maps encourage extreme camping

Joseph Pascoulis
vanguard casablanca map

Vanguard players are claiming that the new maps introduced in Season 2 are encouraging others to camp to a whole new level.

For the Vanguard Season 2 update, as well as the Ranked Play beta and new weapons, players were also gifted two new multiplayer maps called Gondola and Casablanca.

These maps both offer a new layout for players to understand and get to grips with. Usually, this is a great way to encourage players to get back on the multiplayer mode for Vanguard, however, some are claiming that the maps are encouraging players to camp.

vanguard map gondola

Camping has always been a Call of Duty playstyle that the community has looked down upon, and it seems in Vanguard the tactic is still causing frustration.

Reddit user ProbablyAWhat stated in a post on the Vanguard subreddit, “Unpopular take probably, The new maps have encouraged camping to a whole other level.”

When it comes to Gondola, the player states that it is “impossible to cross, you can flank right or down mid and 90% of the time it’s some one camping it…(The amount of sniper glares can make a dear freeze in place).”

As for Casablanca, despite being more “lenient,” the user claims that players “either camp on mid roof or in either retrospective spawns.” They go on to say that the maps have “no engagement potential due to the insane amount of corner campers or spawn campers.”

They aren’t the only ones who feel this way either, as one comment even read that “gondola is one of the worst map designs since Piccadilly. It’s terrible in just about every way.”

These maps probably weren’t intentionally designed to encourage campers, but it does seem like players are getting a similar experience. The Call of Duty team has even offered a guide to these maps, so perhaps this will help players understand the way they want these maps to play out.

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Image Credits: Sledgehammer Games / Activision

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