Vanguard players beg for map voting to return

Nathan Warby
Vangaurd Eagles Nest map with logo

We all have our favorite Vanguard maps, and there are also some that we’d rather drop out to the menu than play. Fans of the new Call of Duty are calling for the return of the map voting feature to skip unpopular maps.

When Call of Duty: Vanguard launched on November 5, it came packed with 17 varied multiplayer maps. In the weeks since some have emerged as fan favorites, while others became an excuse to dip back to the menu.

What makes a good map is mostly personal preference, but there are a few Vanguard arenas that many fans look to avoid.

This has led many players to beg Sledgehammer Games to add the map voting feature from previous CoD games.

Vanguard Red Star map

Reddit user willfan8 started a thread entitled “We need map voting please!” in which they pleaded for the option to vote for maps.

They said they “couldn’t understand” why the feature didn’t appear in Modern Warfare and was scrapped again after it turned up Black Ops Cold War.

Other players responded in support of the post. They argued that introducing a voting system would allow the devs to easily gauge which maps are the least popular and take steps to improve them.

“I would rather play the same 6 good maps over and over than play the bad ones with low player count because people quit maps they don’t like,” said one player.

byu/willfan8 from discussion

At the moment, the only option if a map comes up that a player doesn’t want to play, is to back out. Players argued this disrupts the lobby and makes getting into a game take longer.

The most likely reason that voting or skipping isn’t currently in place is the different pacing options on each map. Certain maps accommodate different numbers of players, so voting to change to another would have to change the lobby size as well.

For the time being, at least, players will have to continue suffering through maps they don’t enjoy or back out when they come up.

We’ll have to wait and see if Sledgehammer can find a way to answer fans’ calls, without ruining the pacing system they introduced into Vanguard.

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