TeeP’s lightning-fast SMG loadout rivals Vaznev in Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play

P90 in Modern Warfare 2

The Vaznev-9k has been the go-to SMG since Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play launched, but with Season 2 Reloaded upon us, former CoD world champion Tyler “TeeP” Polchow has revealed a loadout could become a contender in the close-range meta.

Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play has been a huge success since it arrived at the start of Season 2. The introduction of a fully-fledged competitive mode has let players experience the game with CDL rules, and it’s seen MW2’s Twitch popularity reach new heights.

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Ranked Play enforces the exact same restrictions as the real-life CDL, meaning there is a limited pool of weapons as anything too overpowered gets banned immediately. This has allowed the Vaznev-9k to become the dominant SMG in the mode.

But with Season 2 Reloaded arriving many players might be looking to change things up, and former Optic star, TeeP, has unveiled a loadout for the PDSW 528, better known as the P90, that could challenge the Vaznev going forward.

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In a Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play match against very high-level opposition, TeeP noticed that a handful of players had ditched the Vaznev and MP5 in favor of the P90.

This inspired the former CoD pro to make the switch himself, and after honing in on the right build, surprised his teammates as he won countless close-range gunfights as well as a few mid-range battles.

While TeeP did note that the P90 probably doesn’t quite beat the Vaznev when it comes to all-round gameplay, he explained that it does offer superior movement stats that certainly make it a rival, calling it “fast as f**k.”

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Check out TeeP’s best PDSW 528 loadout for Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play below.

TeeP’s best P90 loadout for Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play

  • Muzzle: Bruen Pendulum
  • Rail: GR33 Light Rail
  • Rear Grip: Bruen Q900 Grip
  • Comb: TV TACCOMB
  • Stock: Hollow Extended Stock

TeeP began his best Ranked Play P90 loadout with the Bruen Pendulum, improving the SMG’s horizontal and vertical recoil to make it more effective at mid-range. Next, he added the GR33 Light Rail for a big movement speed buff and to replace the gun’s iron sights.

The CoD pro also went for the Bruen Q900 Grip and TV TACCOMB for improved ADS speed, which is vital in Ranked Play as whoever lands the first shots will often come out on top. Finally, he picked the Hollow Extended Stock for one last sprint speed boost, and better strafe speeds while aiming.

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All in all, this is P90 build is the ideal loadout if you like to rush around the map quickly and use movement to gain the advantage over your enemies.

While the Vaznev will still likely remain the number one, don’t be surprised to see the PDSW become a popular option in Modern Warfare 2 Reloaded.

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Image credit: Activison