Modern Warfare 2 players wish devs wish devs kept “awkward” Expo map simple

Himmelmatt Expo map in Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 Reloaded introduced the new Himmelmatt Expo multiplayer map, and despite its appealing look, players are not pleased with its “awkward” design.

The Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 Reloaded update has arrived, and it was yet another huge content drop for multiplayer fans. Players received the brand-new Tempus Torrent Marksman Rifle, a host of buffs and nerfs, and Episode 2 of the Atomgrad Raid.

Arguably the most exciting addition was Himmelmatt Expo, a new 6v6 map surrounded by snowy mountains. The map was brought forward following backlash to there only being two 6v6 maps released in Season 2, and one screenshot was enough to get fans excited.

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However, after hopping into the map for the first time once the mid-season update went live, players have criticized how it actually plays.

In a post on the MW2 subreddit, Reddit user ‘1IIvc3’ accused Infinity Ward of prioritizing the look of the map rather than gameplay, claiming that Expo has “awful head glitches and sightlines,” while promoting campers instead of aggressive playstyles.

Other players agreed in the comments, criticizing the overly complicated layout of the large map.

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“There is no flow to it. It isn’t its big size that is the problem but the map design,” said one player. “So many off angles, headies, stairglitching, ratty spots, too many corners to check.”

Some replies also argued that while the map is a relatively large area, matches tend to revolve around a couple of key areas, leaving many of the outdoor sections empty.

“It kind of has awkward fighting points? I played a KC match, where half of the match we were fighting in the theatre, the theatre’s corridor, and the stairs,” explained another reply.

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With so many “nooks and crannies” to explore on Himmelmatt Expo, there were also a lot of players calling for the devs to stick to more straightforward maps to deliver the gameplay that the series is known for.

“Idk what it is with IW and SHG wanting to make massive complex mazes. Keep maps smaller sized and simple, 3 lane design,” said ‘slayer-x.’ “The cod community wants fast-paced action with good flow and predictability, that’s why 10v10 is so popular. Stop trying to slow cod down IW…”

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That being said, there were also plenty of players who were happy to finally have a new map to try out and welcomed the unique design. Fans will be hoping to receive even more 6v6 maps in Moder Warfare 2 Season 3.

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Image credit: Activision