Modern Warfare 2 players split as “low effort” map might be worse than Santa Sena

Andrew Highton
mw2 players arriving in map

Modern Warfare 2’s Santa Sena Border Crossing map received a ton of criticism upon launch with fans, but now they appear to have taken umbrage with a different map’s alleged shortcomings.

Maps have been a big talking point in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 so far as before we get two classic maps returning in Season 1, its existing maps have had a mixture of praise, dislike, and controversy.

Zarqwa Hydroelectricity has been given a seal of approval thanks to its underwater element adding creativity. Farm 18 has sadly been the victim of an out-of-map exploit, whereas some maps have been left out altogether.

There are a ton of great maps that fans have liked, but one of the biggest sore points in the community has been the car-happy Santa Sena Border Crossing map. However, a different map is now being placed under the spotlight with many believing it to be even worse.

Due to its abundance of open spaces and simplicity in its design, Taraq is being described by CoD players as the “most boring, low effort map in COD history.”

A MW2 Reddit user had this to say on the notion: “It’s literally just buildings on a map with no proper flow to it. I have to look at 20 different spots before I can run across any area. Spawns are unbelievably bad as well. Only reason why Santa Sena is worse is because of the constant car explosions & visibility.”

Cover definitely seems to be a big issue with Taraq as another player added: “I hate TDM and KC on Taraq. A map with a million buildings feels like there’s no cover ever. Objective modes aren’t as bad, but definitely not my favorite for Dom. Santa Sena is just pure chaos and sometimes that can be fun to goof off. I don’t hate that map at all tbh.”

The consensus wasn’t overwhelmingly negative though, far from it. One considerably upvoted comment said: “I know I am in the minority, but I really enjoy Taraq and look forward to it popping up in the map rotation.” Another user chimed in saying: “It might actually be my favorite map in the game, not entirely sure why everyone hates it so much.”

Interestingly, many players might not remember, but Taraq is in actual fact a remake of the Neuville map from the first-ever CoD title.

In any event, with a new map on the way in Season 1 and another planned for Season 1 Reloaded, there should be enough variety for Modern Warfare 2 players to sink their teeth into.

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Image Credit: Activision

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