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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Modern Warfare 2 players “abusing” Farm 18 out of map exploit

Modern Warfare 2 players have found an out of the map exploit on multiplayer map Farm 18, causing some frustration among the community.



modern warfare 2 farm 18

Modern Warfare 2 players have discovered how to get out of the map on Farm 18, abusing the exploit to kill others in-game.

Modern Warfare 2 has its fair share of issues, with players recently noticing how weak the Ghost Perk is and how much they would like the UI redesigned. Some exploits and glitches have also been found in Modern Warfare 2, such as the God mode glitch that sees players going on huge Killstreaks.

While the devs look to continue improving the game, with the November 3 patch bringing Weapon Tuning back to the game, Modern Warfare 2 players continue to find new exploits.

The latest allows players to get out of the multiplayer map Farm 18, which is ruining games for some in the community.

Reddit user Embarrassed-Housing3 put up a now-deleted post in the Modern Warfare 2 subreddit highlighting the exploit, sharing an image of a player on one of the map’s buildings, a spot that players aren’t supposed to be able to get to.

According to the OP, they tried to stop the player from abusing the glitch, saying that they will report them, but the exploiter and their team responded by “insulting” the OP and asking them to “cry more.”

In the comments of the Reddit post, the user reveals that the players abusing the glitch stated that “glitching isn’t hacking,” so they “don’t care” about being reported.

The OP ended up reporting the players abusing the glitch in the lobby, to which a user in the comments asked: “so you consider a glitch/exploit that lets you do things that are unintended cheating?”

The OP responded by explaining that “cheating” is the only option in the report menu applicable to the situation, causing some dispute in the comments section about whether or not performing a glitch like this out-of-the-map exploit can be considered cheating.

Some feel that exploiting a glitch is cheating, with one comment reading “yep cheater,” while others disagree and say “abusing a glitch is not cheating lol.”

Regardless, this exploit is not something that the devs intended for players to do, so it’s likely to be patched soon. For more on Modern Warfare 2, check out the scope that will make Warzone 2 sniping easy.

Image Credits: Activision