Modern Warfare 2 players delighted as long-requested mode finally arrives

Nathan Warby
Valderas Museum in Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 is full of different modes, but players have been desperate to have certain classic game types added to multiplayer. The latest Modern Warfare 2 playlist update has brought back a long-requested mode, and fans are over the moon.

Modern Warfare 2 launched with a whole selection of different modes to experiment with, from returning favorites like Domination and Team Deathmatch to new additions like Knockout and Prisoner Rescue.

The devs have also been fleshing multiplayer out further with each new update. The addition of new maps opened the door for the Shoot the Ship to return, and Ranked Play arrived in the Season 2 update.

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But one popular mode, in particular, had remained absent in the months since MW2 released, until fans finally got their wish.

In the March 8 playlist update for Modern Warfare 2, Infinity Ward introduced 10v10 Mosh Pit for the very first time. As the name suggests, this sees teams of up to 10 players take part in frantic matches on the existing lineup of maps.

While this will probably lead to complete chaos on smaller maps like Shipment, players have felt for some time that some maps will benefit from the increased player count, especially Valderas Museum.

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In a Reddit thread reacting to new playlists, fans welcomed the arrival of 10v10 on the Season 2 map.

“Valderas Museum is going to be lit in 10v10, good stuff,” said one player. “It plays so well,” said another who had tried it out for themselves.

The Museum map has been criticized since launch for being too “large/spread out for 6v6,” leading to long stretches of game time where you can’t find an enemy.

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While the community has been frustrated at times due to a lack of new content, many other players replied to praise the devs for listening to their feedback and adding the 10v10 mode they had been calling for.

“Just dropping into this now I can’t believe they listened,” said one user. “I hope 10v10 is permanent it really gives that old school ground war feel and I love the chaos,” added another.

It’s worth keeping in mind that 10v10 Mosh Pit will likely only stick around in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer for a week before the next playlist update replaces it with something else.

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However, if the response is positive enough, there’s a good chance the devs will include it more regularly in the monthly playlist vote, or even make it a permanent mode in Season 2 Reloaded and beyond.

Image credit: Activision

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