Modern Warfare 2 playlist vote flooded by missing fan-favorite mode

modern warfare 2 operators running with helicopter and vehicle in the background

Modern Warfare 2 players are desperate for the return of a fan-favorite mode after the devs open the gates for playlist suggestions in Season 2.

Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 introduced loads of new content and changes to the game, from the introduction of Ranked Play to brand-new weapons and content through the Battle Pass.

One of the most exciting changes the devs decided to put forward in Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 is the way in which players can now vote for multiplayer playlists. Each month, Infinity Ward opens the floodgates for playlist suggestions, and this time players have been clear on what they want.

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Infinity Ward have decided to pick March 2023’s Moshpit Playlist from the top comments of their Twitter post. While some commented “Dome 24/7 and Shipment 24/7,” which is to be expected, the majority of top comments are actually requesting the return of 10v10.

Pretty much all of the top comments under Infinity Ward’s post call for the return of 10v10 in March’s community-voted MP Playlist. One comment even requests “10v10 or 12v12 on 6v6 maps as a permanent mode.”

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Another comment said “10v10 MOSHPIT,” as it “adds so much replay-ability to the maps.”

10V10 was extremely popular back in Modern Warfare 2019, as when it was removed in that game, the community continued to request that it return.

While Modern Warfare 2 does offer players large-scale maps and teams with Ground War, players clearly want something in between. There are certain maps that players feel 10v10 would work extremely well on, which could perhaps be the focus of a 10v10 Moshpit Playlist, as one comment said “If not all maps at least museum. Everytime I play this map I think of Stoneheaven from Ghost.”

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We’ll soon find out which MP Moshpit Playlist Infinity Ward will introduce based on the community’s suggestions, but until then, check out the best Crossbow loadout and everything you need to know about the Path of the Ronin event.

Image Credits: Activision