MW3 players sick of grinding 30 levels for “pointless” weapon attachments

Joseph Pascoulis
mw3 pulemyot 762 lmg jak annihilator kit

MW3 players are fed up with the amount of weapon levels and attachments in the game, as they claim most of it is just “filler.”

While you may think MW3 players would be happy with the massive amount of content, the community are letting their frustrations be known as they share their thoughts and feelings towards the many weapon levels and attachments in the game.

Not only does MW3 feature a new set of weapons and attachments, but the game has also inherited MW2’s arsenal.

This huge collection of weapons and attachments has left some players frustrated, as Reddit user ‘ShardofGold‘ felt a lot of it is just “filler” that makes leveling up and the camo grind “unnecessarily long.”

In the post, the OP explained that “there are so many attachments to unnecessarily increase weapon levels and make people spend a longer time playing the game.” They felt as if the devs could “get rid of half the attachments” and “barely anyone would care about them being gone.”

In agreement, one comment read, “They need to declutter,” while another said, “This is just another reason why they should ditch this whole unnecessary Gunsmith system and return to the classic Pick 10 system.”

There were rumors that Sledgehammer Games wanted to implement the Pick 10 system back into multiplayer with MW3, but Infinity Ward prevented that from happening, which is a shame considering many in the community would now like to see that system return.

Another Reddit post highlighted the Snipers in the game, confused as to why they have “30+ Levels.” The OP asked what the “purpose” of all these levels is, to which one comment replied, “You dont want a handful of pointless attachments?”

Another comment under the post said, “This is the real problem why is there 90 of every attachment. Give me like 5 in every slot,” again highlighting the number of attachment options as a problem.

It’s unlikely that anything will change with MW3, but with the next Call of Duty set to move away from the Modern Warfare franchise, players can expect to see huge changes, perhaps more inclined to suit the community’s wants.

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