Modern Warfare 2 devs explain major AI improvements in new Intel Drop

Luca Di Marzo
modern warfare 2 intel drop AI devs

Infinity Ward’s Intel Drops provide new insight into Modern Warfare 2 leading up to the game’s release. Take a look at what the devs had to say about the major improvements to Call of Duty AI in Modern Warfare 2.

Modern Warfare 2 devs have already gone on record to claim that the AI in the upcoming title is extremely deadly and more realistic than anything we’ve seen in a previous Call of Duty game.

Infinity Ward are proud of the AI they’ve created in Modern Warfare 2, which they feel acts as a dynamic element that brings the surrounding world to life. Let’s take a look at the new information revealed by yet another Modern Warfare 2 Intel Drop.

Modern Warfare 2 operators breaching door

Previously, the devs stated that they studied actual movement from military professionals to create AI that resembles “natural human people who are nervous about their lives.”

This was reiterated by Director of AI Engineering Sergio Ocio in the Intel Drop: “We worked with Navy SEALs just to make sure that everything that we do is as realistic as possible.”

According to Studio Animation Director Mark Grigsby, long gone are the days of mindless enemy bots running out in the open. In Modern Warfare 2 enemy AI will act strategically as they look to be difficult targets to eliminate: “They’re preserving their lives and making sure that they’re not going to get shot by me.”

Grigsby also describes the AI as “systemic” in the sense that it is meant to constantly react to the player in a different way depending on your in-game choices.

The AI will be present “across the entire game” and the devs emphasized that they “put a lot of investment” to develop and sharpen the quality of AI in Modern Warfare 2

This advanced AI isn’t only for the campaign, either. They said that the AI will have the same level of quality in every mode, and we also know from previous statements that they plan to incorporate the same AI into Warzone 2 to create the “best Warzone experience in a long time.”

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Image Credit: Activision