Modern Warfare 2 fans spot several new weapons in Infinity Ward’s Intel Drop

Joseph Pascoulis
Modern Warfare 2 Ghost

Thanks to Infinity Ward’s recent Intel Drop, CoD fans have spotted several new weapons that are likely to be in Modern Warfare 2.

With Warzone and Vanguard now coming to the end of their lifespan with the release of Season 5, players are looking forward to the future with Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.

Thankfully, as we edge closer to the beta and early access for the Modern Warfare 2 Campaign, Infinity Ward have been drip-feeding fans information through Intel Drops.

One of the Intel Drop videos gave us some insight into how they are looking to improve the audio for footsteps in Modern Warfare 2, and it seems this clip has also allowed fans to spot some new weapons that will be in the game.

Across the Modern Warfare 2 subreddit, fans are posting clips and images from the Intel Drop showing the weapons that were revealed.

One fan noticed that the M16 was shown in the Intel Drop video, spotting a frame in the clip where the player walks over the weapon, bringing up an image of the weapon with a prompt to pick it up.

Although the full weapons list for Modern Warfare 2 isn’t confirmed, it’s safe to say that the M16 is likely to be in the game, especially as it was seen in gameplay.

The other weapons that fans have spotted in the Intel Drop include the MG42, MK48, and MAC-10, which were shown briefly in clips of real-life audio testing.

Players will be familiar with the MAC-10 SMG and MG42, but the MK48 was last seen in Black Ops 2, so it will be good to have it back.

This is slightly less convincing, as it isn’t exactly gameplay of the weapons. However, the fact that they are recording audio for these weapons suggests that they are likely to be seen in some capacity.

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Image Credits: Activision

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