Every Modern Warfare 2 map ranked: From Farm 18 to Santa Sena Border Crossing

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modern warfare 2 crown raceway, sena border crossing, and farm 18 maps

Modern Warfare 2 has a ton of different maps to engage with to fight enemy players, so let’s go through every 6v6 map in MW2 and rank them in order from worst to best.

A Call of Duty game’s legacy is usually determined through its online multiplayer, with 6v6 maps being a huge factor in its success or failure. An iconic map is more likely to make fans remember a CoD title, and Modern Warfare 2 has offered up a few worthy maps for players to remember.

A lot of vintage maps are expected to be added during the course of MW2’s lifetime, and some of its existing maps are better than others.

So without further ado, we’re going to break down every Modern Warfare 2 map and rank them until we get to the very best map in MW2.

Modern Warfare 2 maps ranked from worst to best

12. Santa Sena Border Crossing

border crossing modern warfare 2 map

The general consensus is that if Santa Sena Border Crossing appears as the next map, there’s a good chance that players will jump ship and attempt to find a new game.

Described as a “straight road with a traffic jam,” Santa Sena Border Crossing is basically a single-lane map filled with vehicles.

Our hot take is that if the majority of the cars were already blown up, then this would actually be a lot more fun as you could move slowly between cars for tactical gunfights. Ultimately, games can become a frustrating slog as you live in constant fear of being blown up.

11. Embassy

embassy modern warfare 2 map

Aside from giving MW2 players secret access to two hidden OG maps, Embassy is one of those maps that doesn’t do anything fundamentally bad, it’s just highly unremarkable.

Each of its 3 lanes offers something different, with many players usually preferring to occupy the tennis court side with the exposed rooftop and opposing office windows – leaving too much empty space in the process.

The middle section feels like a chokepoint at times with at least one camper guaranteed to be on guard duty and it feels like it stifles your run-and-gun options.

10. Taraq

taraq modern warfare 2 map

An underrated sniping map, Taraq has lots of open space, but more than enough blown-out buildings to provide you with the bits of cover you really need to set up a nest.

It also has a plethora of different pathways and its versatility makes it handy for pretty much any game mode. It perhaps has a bit too many of those MW 2019-style buildings where it’s easy to stay holed up in though.

9. Shipment

cod mw2 shipment map

It was a warm welcome back for Shipment in Modern Warfare 2 Season 1 Reloaded as Camo hunters have had their lives made easier with the addition of the typically small map.

We’d consider Shipment to be marmite as you really do love it or hate it, when a game is going your way and your team is bringing in one VTOL, Chopper Gunner, and UAV after another, you will simply dominate.

If you’re on the receiving end, then it can be 5-10 minutes of abject misery. Strategically placed containers can certainly make for some fun, chaotic games, but the respawns have been notoriously broken since its first appearance in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

8. El Asilo

el asilo modern warfare 2 map

We think we can all agree that in its current form, El Asilo goes overboard on the empty space, and the hillside area is a nuisance. Although, we’re an advocate of the C flag house as its isolated position makes for some heart-stopping fights.

The best action by far comes in the middle lane buildings whether you’re feuding over the B flag room or defending the upstairs Hardpoint as you face the constant threat of being flanked from multiple positions.

7. Shoot House

mw2 shoot house map

The first new map that was added to Modern Warfare 2 was a remaster of the Modern Warfare 2019 map – Shoot House. It became very popular back in the day, so much so that it’s been brought back to 2022’s Modern Warfare 2.

It’s had a rocky time in MW2 so far as the map launched with a game-breaking invisible wall glitch. That aside, it retains a lot of the quality that made Shoot House sought after to the point it was featured in many 24/7 playlists in MW 2019.

Camping can be an issue with Shoot House as it has some tight corners and hiding spots, but overall, it’s a top map.

6. Breenbergh Hotel

breenbergh hotel modern warfare 2 map

For a while, the status of the Modern Warfare 2 map was in danger, but it seems that Breenbergh Hotel will be in for the long haul, which is great because it’s incredibly solid.

Again, we’d chop off a bit of space here and there to bring the battle closer together, but it has some great features including the risk and reward walkway, as well as the library/kitchen area. We hope it’s not removed as it was simply born to be the perfect Search & Destroy location.

5. Mercado Las Almas

mercado las almas modern warfare 2 map

The first of the Modern Warfare 2 beta maps, Mercado Las Almas is most notable for its Crossroads-esque middle channel that allows players to run back and forth and allows for more long-range shootouts.

It’s inclusive to all playstyles really and is a staple of some high-kill games in MW2.

4. Farm 18

farm 18 modern warfare 2 map

The middle section of Farm 18 is utterly exhilarating and its close-knit, tight turns and rooms do promote campy gameplay, but as long as you’re rocking a rapid SMG like the Fennec or one of the best Shotguns as an equalizer, you can run wild in Farm 18.

We wish the bus didn’t have sections of it boarded up as it would make the chaos down that lane a bit more furious without needing to enter the multi-story building.

In any event, Farm 18 is an example of how small-medium maps can flourish – despite its frustrating exploit.

3. Zarqwa Hydroelectric

zarqwa hydroelectricity modern warfare 2 map

Our main complaint with Zarqwa Hydroelectric is arguably the name itself, couldn’t it have just been called Hydroelectric?

Anyway, it’s not been called one of the most “creative maps” in the game for no reason. The incorporation of water-based gameplay is anything but a gimmick and provides quick and sneaky access to all areas of the map.

It has multiple connecting points with plenty of cover and its diversity makes for some great transitions in objective-based modes.

2. Al Bagra Fortress

al bagra fortress modern warfare 2 map

If you’re looking for a well-rounded map chock full of intricate spots and great verticality in its setting, then Al Bagra Fortress fits the bill nicely.

Aside from its infamous camping windows, which you can deal with thanks to this neat trick, Infinity Ward’s map is so accessible and the lanes and paths you choose all need a high level of thinking with multiple pros and cons for you to consider.

1. Crown Raceway

crown raceway modern warfare 2 map

After overcoming its early controversy in which it never debuted in the beta despite being scheduled for it, Crown Raceway made it to Modern Warfare 2, and it’s just simply an incredible map.

It does help when a map has unique characteristics and the blaring roar of F1 cars screaming around the map is something. But its pit lanes…well, lanes are meticulous in their design with cover aplenty.

Each area of the map is worth your time and effort, you can seamlessly switch from one side of the map to the other in a heartbeat, and offers a mixture of all types of ranged gunfights.

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