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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Best Snipers in Modern Warfare 2: Ranked list

For those wondering what Sniper Rifle to use in Modern Warfare 2 here’s our list ranking them all from best to worse.



la-b sniper in modern warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 has an abundance of weapons to choose from, even when it comes to the sniper options. With that said, we’ve broken down and ranked all the Sniper Rifles to use in Modern Warfare 2, whether you like to quickscope or play patiently.

The Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer caters to most playstyles thanks to the abundance of weaponry that players can choose from. Whether you like to run and gun with SMGs or play at a slower pace with LMGs, MW2 has it all.

Assault Rifles tend to be front and center in CoD multiplayer, but in Modern Warfare 2, Sniper Rifles are getting a lot of attention.

With that said, many may be wondering which Snipers are the best to use in Modern Warfare 2.

Best Modern Warfare 2 Snipers ranked list

mw2 operator in ghillie suit

Before we break down every Modern Warfare 2 Sniper, we’ve ranked them all from best to worst:

  1. LA-B 330
  2. Signal 50
  3. SP-X 80
  4. MCPR-300

Best Modern Warfare 2 Snipers

4. MCPR-300


In fourth, we have the MCPR-300, which is the first Sniper that’s unlocked for players in Modern Warfare 2.

While this is a reliable Sniper with high damage and great handling, it’s pretty slow and the Signal 50 is the much better option when it comes to the heavy snipers in Modern Warfare 2. That said, it’s still a great choice for Ground War and Invasion.

3. SP-X 80


The SP-X 80 is Modern Warfare 2’s .300 magnum Sniper which is great for those who love to quickscope and stay mobile while also taking targets out at long range.

The damage, accuracy, and range are slightly worse than that of the LA-B, but it definitely makes up for it with its faster fire rate and fast aim down sight. This is the Sniper to use if you want to quickscope enemies in a dramatic fashion.

2. Signal 50

signal 50 sniper in modern warfare 2

The Signal 50 comes in at number two thanks to its reliability at range, one-shotting enemies at ridiculous distances. 

The Signal is Modern Warfare 2’s heavy-duty .50 caliber Sniper which is built for high damage and range. This just may be the best sniper to use when it comes to Ground War’s massive maps, and potentially even Warzone 2.0’s Al Mazrah.

While the MCPR-300 comes close, with slightly better damage and handling, the Signal 50 surpasses it in every other category, especially fire rate, which is similar to that of the original MW2’s Barret .50cal.

1. LA-B 330

la-b 330 sniper in modern warfare 2

The LA-B can be unlocked by leveling up the SP-R and it acts as a more long-range, true Sniper compared to its Marksman Rifle counterpart. The LA-B’s damage, range, handling, and accuracy are all better than the SP-R, making it an excellent, versatile choice and our number-one pick.

This makes the LA-B more attuned to long-range Sniping, while still possessing pretty great mobility for a Sniper, making it one of the best options for sniping in the game.

That’s all for the best Snipers to use in Modern Warfare 2, for more, make sure you also check out how to get the Tactical Nuke/MGB Killstreak in multiplayer and our MW2 review.

Image Credits: Activision