Clever Modern Warfare 2 inflatable decoy trick is perfect against Riot Shields

Hamza Khalid
Inflatable Decoy in Modern Warfare 2

Riot Shield users can make things difficult for you in Modern Warfare 2 battles, but one player discovered a way to counter them with the help of the Inflatable Decoy field upgrade.

You’ll find no shortage of great weapon choices after hopping into Modern Warfare 2, with Shotguns like the Bryson 890 and SMGs like the Lachmann Sub MP5 being perfect for close-quarters engagements.

If you take on enemies in close-range combat then you’ll likely encounter a Riot Shield user that will attempt to corner you before taking you down. Luckily, there’s a clever way for you to counter these players.

Reddit user ‘nsdtrikster’ showcased a trick that lets you take revenge on these enemies by using an Inflatable Decoy. This is a new Field Upgrade in Modern Warfare 2 which causes a fake soldier to pop up as a distraction for your opponent.

In the Modern Warfare 2 clip, the Redditor spotted a Riot Shield enemy running towards them so they threw the Inflatable Decoy right under the opponent’s feet. When the Decoy popped up, the enemy was eliminated and sent flying.

Many of the commenters in the thread were impressed with the effectiveness of this tactic, with one user describing it as “the best kill I’ve ever seen.” Other players jokingly stated that they would love to see emblems for “inflation kills.”

As one user pointed out, this trick is difficult to pull off as the enemy actually needs to walk over the Inflatable Decoy for it to work. If you simply throw it at your opponent then it just bounces off.

So the best way to pull this off is to track your enemy’s movements and set a trap with the Field Upgrade. This won’t be successful every time but it’s an amusing way to take out the competition.

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Image credits: Activision

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