Underrated MW3 attachment counters Riot Shields with ease

Nathan Warby
MW3 Operators pointing guns and taking cover behind a Riot Shield

MW3’s Riot Shield is a controversial weapon that causes plenty of frustration among players, but this underrated attachment is the ideal way to counter it effectively.

Of all the weapons in MW3, few have received more hate than Riot Shields. Whether it’s enemies blocking incoming shots from the front, or keeping one on their back to protect the rear, an experienced Riot Shield user can completely turn the tide of a match and frustrate the other team.

This often leaves players looking for a way to combat them, especially on Search and Destroy where the stakes are high. Grenades and Semtex are the obvious counters, but the JAK Purifier attachment is arguably the best method of dealing with the shields.

The Aftermarket Part is a mini flamethrower that can be equipped in the underbarrel slot, allowing you to spew flames over a short distance. Although it’s failed to make much of an impact since arriving back in Season 1, Reddit user ‘gggg772’ shared a clip proving how effective it is against Riot Shields.

While Semtex requires a direct stick and Frag Grenades can often be tanked by MW3 players running EOD Padding and a Riot Shield, the JAK Purifier deals with them quickly from a relatively safe range, without the risk of blowing yourself up in the process.

It can be equipped with any Assault Rifle or Battle Rifle, so plenty of meta guns like the MCW and SOA Subverter can run it. Plus, you can edit your classes in-game to add or remove it as needed.

The post also invited plenty of other MW3 players to share their own Riot Shield counters, such as the Soulrender with its unique animation that completely bypasses them. Others also mentioned using Shock Sticks to stun the users before finishing them off with a Grenade.

However, these all force you to sacrifice an entire weapon or Equipment slot, while the flamethrower only requires one attachment space for a single gun.

So, if you’re one of the players whose being desperate for more Riot Shield counters in MW3, be sure to equip the JAK Purifier the next time they invade your lobby. If you missed out on the attachment the first time around, it can now be earned as an Armory Unlock.

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