Clever Modern Warfare 2 Inflatable Decoy trick is perfect for countering Snipers

Hamza Khalid
Modern Warfare 2 operator with a Sniper Rifle

Modern Warfare 2 battles can be extremely tough when you’re hiding from a Sniper, but there’s a clever tactic that allows you to counter them with the help of the Inflatable Decoy field upgrade.

When playing Modern Warfare 2, you’ll find a variety of powerful weapon choices that are suited to different combat situations, with SMGs being ideal for close-range encounters and Sniper Rifles excelling at long-range.

However, it can be extremely tricky to maneuver around the map when an enemy is trying to pick you off with a Sniper Rifle. Luckily, there’s a simple tactic that you can use to get around this problem.

How to counter Modern Warfare 2 Snipers with Inflatable Decoys

This trick involves using the Inflatable Decoy field upgrade to distract the Sniper before eliminating your opponent. Reddit user ‘Jeffweeeee’ showcased the tactic in action in the Modern Warfare 2 subreddit.

The clip shows the Redditor in a battle against a Sniper across the map. Jeffweeeee deployed the Inflatable Decoy as bait and the enemy began firing at it, providing a perfect opportunity to pick them off.

When activated, the Inflatable Decoy field upgrade deploys a fake soldier that captures your enemy’s attention, providing you with a quick distraction. This tactic received praise from players in the thread, as one commenter stated: “I can’t believe I never thought of that.”

Another player added: “For all this game’s problems, some of the new equipment is awesome. It does a lot wrong, but my god, it does a lot right.” So, this trick is worth trying out when you hop into Warzone 2.

This is not the only time that Modern Warfare 2 players found a way to use this field upgrade in creative ways, as another tactic involves deploying the Inflatable Decoy underneath the enemy to take them out.

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