MW3 players blast “laughable” Riot Shield nerf

Max Candelarezi
MW3 Operators pointing guns and taking cover behind a Riot Shield

MW3 Season 1 brought several weapon tuning that shook the meta, among them, the Riot Shield got nerfed, however, although players blasted its “laughable” change which they think won’t alter its recurring use in multiplayer.

Modern Warfare 3 Season 1 brought a ton of new content for players to unlock and enjoy. Including fresh weaponry, and multiplayer maps, alongside a substantial update for the first-ever Zombies mode for the MW saga.

Additionally, like every massive update, the SHG team also introduced some weapon changes to shake the meta up and grant players different gun options to use within the game. Among them, the Riot Shield received a nerf, which the players believed wasn’t enough as they blasted the “laughable” change.

User ‘winterwarz4’ shared their thoughts in a Reddit post saying: “10% movement penalty for riot shield is a laughable nerf,” and followed, “SHG seems to be wary of making a tangible adjustment to the riot shield. Their [ab]use will still be predominate.”

With the Season 1 update, the MW3 dev team added a “10% movement speed penalty when stowed” and “increased the melee damage from 50 to 75” to the Riot Shield, which has been one of the most used weapons since the launch of the game given its stowed functionality and damage.

However, players pointed out that despite the movement change helping out to reduce the secondary’s dominion, they’re pretty sure “the riot shield is now a 2-hit kill, instead of 3.” Another user added, “…they didn’t undo the melee speed buff so smackin people with the shield has literally never been easier.”

Another player joined the discussion by presenting a possible solution: “They need to just pull the plug and make it incompatible with overkill.” This was echoed by another user, “The one true solution is to NOT ALLOW RIOT SHIELD TO BE EQUIPPED WHEN USING OVERKILL PERK.”

However, it remains unknown if SHG will further nerf the Riot Shield within MW3, players think the Season 1 nerf didn’t solve the problem this secondary weapon caused in multiplayer.

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