Forgotten Warzone attachment turns AR into burst rifle with “broken” TTK

Joseph Pascoulis

A Conversion Kit introduced in Season 1 of Warzone has been majorly overlooked, as it drops enemies in rapid fashion.

Warzone has a lot of Conversion Kits to choose from, as Weekly Challenges continue to pour in. With so many options, it’s no surprise that one strong Aftermarket Part has been slept on despite being a meta option in Season 4.

The Holger 556’s JAK Signal Burst Conversion Kit turns the fully automatic Assault Rifle into a 4-round burst that packs a punch and has easy-to-control recoil. It’s not the best from long-range, but anything in the mid-range, this thing absolutely shreds.

It can drop enemies with two to three bursts consistently, you just need to hit your shots. To do so, you’ll need to pair the JAK Signal Burst Conversion Kit with the best attachments.

I found the ZEHMN35 Compensated Flash Hider and Bruen Pivot Verticle Grip to be excellent in reducing the build’s recoil, making it easier to hit bursts, even from range.

Then, the 5.56 High Grain Rounds are a great help, as they increase the bullet velocity so that every bullet in the burst hits the target, no matter how fast they’re moving. Lastly, select an optic of your choice, the JAK Glassless Optic has been a favorite of mine since it dropped, so that’s how I rounded off the build.

Even popular Warzone content creator Metaphor showcased the JAK Signal Burst in his June 18 YouTube video, where he described it as “broken.”

In fact, the YouTuber managed to drop 49 kills with the Holger 556 JAK Signal Burst, providing it to be a top choice in Warzone Season 4.

If you’re looking for something new to use in Warzone, you likely haven’t given the JAK Signal Burst a go since it has been widely forgotten about since being introduced back in Season 1.

It’s a great Primary for Rebirth Island, and since it’s a burst, we recommend running it with a close-range SMG like the Superi 46, which may have some nerfs coming in Season 4 Reloaded since it’s been dominating the competition.

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