Treyarch reveals 2 new Warzone Gulags for Black Ops Cold War Season 1

Nicholas Sakadelis

Black Ops Cold War’s Season 1 for Warzone will introduce its own spin to the Gulag system.

Warzone Season 1 drops December 15 at 11 PM PT and introduces lots of great changes across Verdansk while introducing a brand new map, “Rebirth Island.”

The most interesting of the changes coming to Warzone is two brand new Gulag arenas for players to fight for their spot back in the battle royale. Verdansk’s Gulag showers will be replaced with the new update, bringing us a Black Ops Cold War-themed Gulag.

New Verdansk Gulag

Verdansk’s Gulag showers have been replaced with a new Black Ops Cold War-themed arena, based on the layout of Nuketown. It’s designed as a makeshift replica of the original map, with the buildings and backyards blocked off.

Players will fight in the middle street area, using the parked bus or faux truck as cover while maneuvering the battlefield. Daring players will hop onto the top awning of the Nuketown houses as a nice vantage point to pick off unsuspecting opponents.

It’s never felt more tense and familiar in Verdansk’s Gulag. Just be sure to look out for the onslaught of rocks being thrown by the spectators.

Rebirth Island Gulag

Rebirth Island gets its own unique Gulag. Below the island’s ground lies a classified location used by Perseus to experiment on inmates in his plan to turn the tide of the Cold War.

The Gulag itself is an enclosed chamber, where players will spawn at the end of a hallway that run towards a center room. There’s also metal detectors located on both sides of the room when operators enter, adding another threat to your rush strategy.

Both of these Warzone Gulags will be available at launch with the first Season of Black Ops Cold War. Warzone will receive UI changes, brand new weapons, maps, and modes. You can read about all of the upcoming changes here.

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